Inbound Marketing - What it is and How it Works

You may have heard of inbound marketing as it is also known as online and digital marketing. Read on here to learn about it in more detail and how to use it effectively.

There are four main steps to making online marketing work for you. They are as follows:
1.    Attract Visitors
2.    Convert Visitors to Customers
3.    Deliver the Product/Service
4.    Further Promote your Business

Attract Visitors
To begin this process, you first need to attract visitors to your website. There are many ways to do this but it is advised to target your intended audience as best as possible. Your market research should reveal as to what the best channels and methods are to attract your targeted audience. If they access the internet mostly before lunchtimes, time your blog posts and newsletters for these times or if they respond better to video content as opposed to text content; highlight that element on your website as attraction content.

Convert Visitors to Customers
Once they have arrived to your website, these visitors ideally need to be converted into customers. Making the website journey easy and enjoyable for them by having an easy-to-use website navigation and flow to the checkout/basket to your website (or whatever is applicable in terms of your business conversions) is paramount here. With this, you have successfully guided people from the vast world wide web to your own website via curated content and brought them to make a conversion via a streamlined and usable website user flow.

Deliver the Product/Service
This part is all down to you and your business. With the above two steps complete, it is now up to you to deliver on your promise and fulfil the product or service that the customer has purchased. Aside from the obvious, doing this also instils faith in your customers both new and old that it is worthwhile to visit, peruse and purchase from your website.

Further Promote your Business
As per step three, you now should have satisfied customers. Use this to your advantage and incorporate incentives and initiatives to make them become satisfied loyal customers of your business. Thank them for their patronage by offering them a discount off their next dealings with you and be sure to capture their details and profiles as best you can to add them to your mailing list(s). This is also the optimum step to approach them for customer quotes and feedback which are vital tools to show new potential customers to your website as to how others have dealt with you successfully.

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