Why a Text-Based Logo is the Way to Go

Unless you are a globally recognised brand or have a very high saturation point, most will not recognise your business by a graphic/image-based logo. Here we outline why a text-based logo works.

While you may have high hopes and ambitions for your business, a graphic based logo will not initially suit you well – especially in the early stages of your business setup. Mc Donald’s may solely have the golden arches symbol as their logo; but they also have restaurants in every continent on Earth. Until your business reaches this level, having a text-based logo will assist you in brand recognition as to while your business grows.  

The benefits of having your business name transcribed within your logo are numerous:
1.    Your logo will not be mistaken or confused for any other business or logo
2.    As your business name is visible, potential new customers can discover your business
3.    It increases brand awareness and saturation because people can ‘read’ your logo


Aside from your business name, text-based logos may also incorporate your slogan or allude to a little bit more about your company. This is also useful for a number of reasons:
1.    People can understand a bit of what you do to pique interest
2.    You can utilise buzz words or a catchy saying/slogan to generate interest
3.    In terms of advertising, you can stand out by getting more information across

When getting a logo designed by a professional logo designer, it helps to be honest about the stage that your business is at and agree on a design that will serve its purpose for your current position. Even companies within the Fortune 500 have different logos today as to when they first started out – your logo can change and evolve (in a subtle fashion) to keep with more modern design aesthetics and reflect the position of your business. Google did this last year in terms of updating the classic Google logo font to a more streamlined and sleeker font indicative of design trends today.

Here at Ireland Website Design, we have expert logo designers on our team to ensure that you are fully happy and satisfied with the logo and branding areas of your business. Talk to us to discuss your logo and branding needs and the expert team at Ireland Website Design will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

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