Curating Content for your Website Visitors

Study how visitors enter your website and curate content for them to improve the likelihood that they will browse and not bounce.

Analytics are a powerful commodity that every business website should pay attention to. One of the many features it can show you is through what channels people entered your website. For example, some may come from your Google Ads, some from social media marketing and some from comparison websites. For each of these, you can attune to their online tastes by curating content for each of these segments. In this way, they are likely to browse your website instead of bounce from it as the content that they are presented with aligns with their interests.


From analysing your analytics, you may notice that a large volume of traffic is as a result of your Google Ads. As buyer behaviour can suggest that a proportion of browsers actively avoid clicking on Google Ads, you can be assured that those who have clicked on them to reach your website are looking for something directly and are hoping that their search ends when they reach your website. With this, it makes sense to curate your content so that it is a natural continuation of your Google Ad description. If your Google Ad states “Brown Leather iPhone Cases”, ensure that the page they will land on only contains brown leather iPhone cases. Somebody who clicks on this ad is obviously not interested in black leather cases or cases for Android phones; so cut out the middle man (i.e. do not have this user be brought to your website home page) and deliver curated content to greatly increase your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate.

For those who enter your website via social media or even comparison/review websites; you already know that they are social people who value interaction and feedback. Due to this, you can tailor the interface of your website to appeal to these traits and make these browsers feel a connection to your website and what it has to offer. A great way to do this is to pepper your webpages with testimonials from real-life customers. Seeing these quotes beside the profile of another person can really reinforce the claims that your website is making about your products and/or services. Include sharing options where possible so that your website links and imagery can end up back on social media streams again and attract more social traffic. You can also list and actively encourage social media and review/comparison website activity if you have logos and incentives such as “Like us on FaceBook to receive 10% off your first order” etc.

Talk to the expert team at Ireland Website Design today as we can implement for you an online strategy with optimised curated content (as cross referenced with your analytics) to improve conversion and reduce bounce rates from your website. We combine high end responsive design with modern business acumen to achieve optimised results for all of our clients.

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