How and Why to Stagger Blog Content Effectively

Stretch the potential of your blog content by taking a staggered approach to how you deliver your fresh content.

A blog is a great way to keep fresh and updated content coming as a constant stream to your website. This can gain a following with visitors to your website (some blogs are so successful that they form the crux of a website). You can make your blog content that bit better by taking a staggered and structured approach. Here we outline this:

1. Utilise scheduling to maintain a flow
Take advantage of the fact that blog posts do not have to have a great length to them to be successful. If you plan on having three new blogs posted to your website every week, take the time to write and SEO each of these the previous week. Most website software allows you to schedule your blog posts once you upload the content. In this way, you can set the exact date and time that you want each blog post to publish. With this, you can maintain a constant flow of fresh content to your website as this is something that you yourself can complete and action ahead of time repeatedly.

2. Make interlinking parts and sequels
Whet the appetite of your blog readers by signing off relevant blog posts with lines like “part two coming tomorrow” or “read our next installment to find out the outcomes.” Blogs naturally incur a following and habitual readers will visit your website as part of their online browsing routine to peruse your entries. With your enticing sign offs such as the ones above, you are showing consistency and conveying a promissory factor to reward your readers with an interlinking/sequel blog. This can leave an impression to purposely revisit your blog to obtain this resolution that you offer. As an offshoot of this, if you have a two-part blog that is already posted; readers who discover it after the publishing date can seamlessly read both parts without having to wait.

3. Stagger postings to stabilise traffic
Like with the scheduling option touched on above, it is also sensible to stagger blog content at times to cater for traffic spikes and lows to your website. If you send a newsletter to ten-thousand people on a mailing list for example, you could reasonably expect five-hundred hits to your website in quick succession as the newsletter is opened and the links within are clicked. With this, a new blog entry can be overlooked and lost as the traffic is not seeking blog content. There is an argument here that the new blog post can benefit from the influx of traffic as there is more potential for it to be discovered and read; but if your newsletter was promoting a particular product/service and not your blog content, the traffic will usually gather around the curated content pertaining to the newsletter direction.

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