Signs that your Web Designer is Great

Here we outlay the traits and processes that show that you are working with a good web designer for your website build/design. These are the signs that your web designer is great.

They charge you more than €1,000
We touched upon this point in ‘Signs that your Web Designer is Terrible’ when talking about the price to develop and design a good website by 2016 standards. While every website design and build is unique in that there is no one size fits all in terms of price, it is true that if somebody quotes you in and around €1,000 for a full website, you need to consider what you are really getting at this price. A great website designer is an expert in their field and their price not only reflects the years of training and dedication to their craft, but also attests to the investment that you will be making by getting a website built that is fully responsive on both desktop and mobile, search engine optimised and monitored for key performance indicators to meet your aims and goals for it. This is simply not achieved for a price of €1,000.

You are on a first name basis
In the process of web design and development, communication is key. A good web designer will want to make sure that you the client is happy as each stage of the project progresses and so they should keep in touch (by phone, e-mail or even physical meeting) to update you on the status of the project and to gauge your feedback. However this should not be done on an ad-hoc basis because this sporadic approach can look sloppy and unorganised on behalf of the web designer. When the project is agreed upon, a timeline and agenda should be implemented so that you can both know when you will hear from one another at regular intervals i.e. ‘Week 3 into the build we will agree to touch base via Skype to show you (the client) the first draft of the website and the features you have specified.’ With this, you should easily be on a first name basis with your great web designer who keeps you in the loop frequently and implements your feedback along the way.

They know what KPI’s are and they set them for your website
It is all well and good to have your website developed and built so that you are fully satisfied with it. But a great web designer will monitor the progress of your new website once it goes live to ensure that it is working to meet your aims and goals. They should understand what key performance indicators are, set them with you mutually for your website and monitor them to ensure that they are fulfilled. If a KPI doesn’t manifest (i.e. make X amount of conversions after three months of being live), they should offer and implement solutions to ensure that it can manifest in the future (i.e. move the ‘Contact’ tab to a more prominent part of the homepage).

They nurture and care for your website after it goes live
A good website designer knows that problems and issues can only become apparent after a website goes live and is accessed by multiple users. Due to this, they should offer a grace period of support as part of your dealing with them to action and rectify anything like this that arises. A good website designer should be proud of their work and strive to see it survive and thrive online after it goes live. With this they will first of all brief you that these hiccups may occur once a website goes live but at the same time reassure you that they will fix them as part of the project once they become apparent and are flagged. Each website that a designer makes becomes a part of their portfolio so it is only natural that a good website designer will want to make and maintain something that they are proud of to attest to their skills.

Ireland Website Design is proud to exemplify the above traits that constitute a great web designer. Our prices are transparent and reflective of the expert service you will receive, our projects are systemised to place a large slant on discovery and client communication, we set and reach KPI’s for each website we design and build and we also provide aftercare and support packages for each website that goes live. Get in touch today to start your web design project with the experts at Ireland Website Design.

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