The Importance of Processes

We at Ireland Website Design use a process for every website we build. We created and refined this process over several years.

Currently it features over 200 tasks to create the perfect website for you. But our process is not static. Whenever we notice opportunities to improve our process, we do. We believe that organised procedures make the difference between a mediocre outcome and a perfect outcome.

A process is a number of predefined tasks to complete a certain activity. They name the persons that are responsible for executing the steps and in what way it should be done. This also includes tools that are needed to complete the task. If you do this right, it will take a large amount of work off you, since the business can run by itself.

These are the benefits for your company:

Processes will grow your business

By sticking to predefined processes, you can deliver new services and products efficiently and quickly. Expand the current process to reach your new targets. You can build on already developed tasks and don’t have to come up with new ideas whenever you want to offer a new service or product.

New employees can adapt better to your company when they have a detailed process they can follow. By analysing your current process you can find out which employees you should hire and if you have to buy new machines or software.

Processes will make you more competitive

Processes help you identifying strengths and weaknesses and therefore can help you improving your business. They will help you achieving a constant quality for your products and services. Changes in the market will not pose such a big threat anymore like they have been because they help you focus on your tasks. You can then find solutions to those threats faster.

Processes will make your more profitable

With processes you can improve efficiency and find opportunities without reducing your consistency or quality. They will help you identify areas that can be easily overlooked. In the end, processes will save you time and therefore money.

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