Using Sign Up Forms that People Respond to

The humble sign up form has great potential for your business. Consider these factors to increase the chances of people leaving their details with you.

As we know, sign up forms are used to get website users involved with your company while you at the same time obtain their details for marketing purposes i.e. the sending of newsletters and special offers. Here we have set out the types of sign up forms and criteria that users respond well to and do not mind offering their details for. It is important here to make a good first impression and not ward people away by appearing cold or calculating in your obtaining of their details and data.

Usability – Guide users to click that submit button
Top aligned field labels assist with the easy and quick completion of sign up forms. Instead of users having to read left to right, they can instead go from the top to the bottom of the sign up form (subconsciously completing parts of the form at each stage). Another tactic that can influence users’ actions to complete the form is the make the option to close or exit the form a little obscure. If they cannot easily see how to close the form (instead of completing it and clicking submit), chances are they may simply complete it to continue browsing on your website or elsewhere. Use a greyed our close button or a smaller X icon to legitimately keep these closing options available, but limit their visual dominance.

Clarity + Transparency – Users will appreciate you thinking of them
It is very frustrating to fill in a sign up form only to be told once you click on submit that you have entered a few details wrong and have to go back. People who do not have the patience or who are still not entirely connived that they should sign up may just close the form or even exit your website at this stage. Counteract this by flagging any errors immediately. In this way, users know that once they reach the end of the sign up form that they can proceed without obstacle. It is also worth noting that users like to know why you want certain details from them. Next to the date of birth field for example, it is advisable to have a question mark icon that opens a lightbox or a small pop-up explaining “We need your Date of Birth to ensure that you are aged 18 or over.” People appreciate your motives and transparency with your sign up forms can help to drive more to sign up.

Goal-Orientated Incentives – Why should I sign up?
Make your incentive clear as to why somebody would use your sign up form. Are you offering them an exclusive discount code when they sign up? Will they receive their desired content automatically? Make crystal clear the reason as to why they are signing up and what they will receive upon doing so (and when they will receive it). Incentivising your sign up form means that people will want to fill it in for the end result.

Subscribers + Security - Safely join the club  
A good idea when getting people to sign up to a sign up form is to show them that they are submitting their details to a tried and trusted entity. List the rough amount of subscribers that you already have and add in some anti-virus and security badges to your sign up form. In this way, people will see that many others have successfully signed up to your business in a safe manner. You would not have X amount of subscribers if you abused the customer data received or put their details at risk.

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