Tips on Choosing Stock Photos for your Website

With so many options available today, here with present with three simple but useful tips to finding exactly what you want when it comes to stock imagery for your website that will not eat into your time.

Where to begin? Start with a clear plan.
Starting your search for your ideal stock photos and images for use on your website is like diving into the ocean. You could go on and on before you simply get tired and have to take a break. Before you begin searching for a few pictures within a million, have a clear and concise plan to keep you from getting distracted and to give you an insight into the type of images that you need. A good idea is to make a checklist: “I need an image of an empty conference room for this webpage, an image of two office workers by a water cooler for the next webpage and an image of one office worker using a fax machine for the webpage after that.” By searching for ‘office workers’ imagery, you now know exactly what to seek instead of only making up your mind when you are presented with the overwhelming amount of options.

Finding it hard to decide on a supplier? Find somebody to do the groundwork for you.
Stock photo and imagery suppliers today are faced with stiff competition – it is a saturated and competitive industry. Because of this, it is not unusual to find some suppliers who are willing to go beyond the norm and that extra mile for you. Some stock photo suppliers will allow you to contact them with your picture needs and planned budget and they will respond to you with a range of options that contain pictures and price points suited to your exact needs. With websites that have a chat function, explain what you are looking for to an online agent and they will help point you in the right direction and can recommend the best course of action for you.

Overwhelmed by the vast search results? Filter almost everything.
A selling point for stock imagery suppliers is that they have X amount of millions of photographs and images for you to peruse. While on the one hand this shows that they more than likely have something for you; on the other hand it means that you would have an awful lot of searching to do to find what you are looking for amongst millions of other images. This is where filters come into play and in the arena of stock imagery; the search result filters can be very powerful indeed. While basic search filtering functions such as ‘filter by size’ and ‘filter by price’ are a given; some vendors give you the option to filter by criteria such as colour, whether there are people in the image (even so far as to how many people, their ages, gender and skin tone) and even the direction that people are looking towards in the images.

Yet even with all these options, some may not be satisfied or able to find the exact image that they had in mind. Talk to use today at Ireland Website Design as we have links with professional photographers who can be commissioned to create and capture the perfect (and wholly unique) images for your website.

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