What Is The Difference Between A Website Design Freelancer And A Website Design Agency

All bias aside, there are many solid and serious reasons to use a professional website design agency when getting your website built.

Like anything in life, if you are parting money for a product or service you obviously want the vendor to deliver to you what is promised and to a level where you are wholly satisfied. Here is what you are guaranteed when you get your website built by a professional website design agency such as Ireland Website Design.

A website design agency is a hub of expert knowledge and activity.
Whereas a simple website developer may be great at coding and building a website, they may falter when it comes to the aesthetic design, responsiveness, digital marketing and search engine optimistaion etc. of your newly built website. By choosing a website design agency, your website passes through the hands of various field experts before going live: expert website designers, website developers, content and copywriters, graphic designers, security and support specialists, search engine optimisers and more. If your old website fell down in a certain area (such as converting browsers into customers), an agency can utilise its skilled staff-force to address and prevent this from occurring with your new business website. In short, hiring a professional website design agency is akin to acquiring all of the tools needed for the specific job at hand.

A website design agency can nurture your new website after it has gone live.
Instead of simply churning out new websites like a factory, website design agencies take pride in their work and endeavour to see them do well and achieve goals once they go live. Working with a highly professional team, you as the client can set goals and KPI’s at three or six month intervals for example to ensure that you are happy with the performance on your new website. If not, an agency has the resources and skillset to help you to get what you want from your website at various stages. As with any good standing business, website design agencies appreciate and thrive on positive testimonials from happy clients – testimonials that they earn from their work and nurturing of the clients’ new business website. This nurturing can also involve continued support packages to keep your website updated, safeguarded and backup up to give you and your business presence online peace of mind.

A website design agency can justify the cost of their work.
Especially at Ireland Website Design, we design websites to deliver you customers. When it comes to website development and design, you really do get what you pay for. When shopping around for a new website to be designed, it is vital to remember that if something to sounds to be true, it probably is. Of course you may get a nice website designed and launched for around €1,000; but will it generate any leads, customers or sales? On a budget of €1,000, can this developer honestly invest enough dedicated time to see your new website through to continued success and fruition and do they even have the skills to do so? If not, it is simply €1,000 wasted that does not recoup what you have spent. Let’s say however that you set a budget of €5,000 for the design of your website with a particular goal to make €10,000 in sales in the first year after going live. Once you achieve this monetary target, you have not only justified the expenditure, but also made it back with a profit attached. A website design agency can almost guarantee a healthy return on investment for the client due to the diligence and discipline distilled in their working practices.

A website design agency can be there for you every step of the way.
Standard procedure for many website design agencies, including Ireland Website Design, is to appoint you with a designated point-of-contact during the working relationship with the client. With this, you have a port of call to contact if you encounter any issues with your website or if down the line you wish to expand or redesign certain areas to focus on new business goals. A freelance website developer cannot guarantee immediate availability to address and action any bugs, hacks or downtime that your website may experience once it goes live. In tandem with this, your needs are addressed and actioned by the respective experts when they arise so that when you are liaising with your point-of-contact, your needs are dealt with by the appropriate personnel.

After seeing outlined above why it is justified to work with a professional website design agency when getting your website built; we hope that you as the client understand the importance of investing in expertise as opposed to artifice. Talk to us today at Ireland Website Design to discuss your needs and see how our team of experts can assist you in making your website and online presence goals into a tangible and managed reality.

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