What is Important when Rebranding your Logo Design

Before you make the commitment to rebrand or redesign major elements of your company such as your logo; read some points of interest here that you should consider before pulling the trigger.

How old is your logo?
Logos can become dated in that what looks slick and modern now may not look as slick and modern in years to come. If you are to research some of the biggest companies in existence today, you will see that over the years their logos will have received some design tweaks and revisions. Even Google have changed their logo as recently as 2015.

With this you have to ask yourself, have you recently changed or refreshed your logo in the past few years? If so, is it a good idea to make further changes if people have only gotten used to your new one? If you have not changed your logo recently, it is suggested to not make too much of a drastic revision and instead implement some subtle changes to begin.

What type of changes should you make?
The answer to this question depends on why you are making changes in the first place. If your company is merging with another company, you may need a completely new logo as opposed to changing your current one to reflect this big change.

If you are just looking for a fresher and cleaner logo that is more up-to-date and in line with modern design trends, it may be more advisable to streamline your font or round off the sharper edges of any shapes included in your current logo iteration. These are popular traits of some current logos that appear modern and find successful use across various branding channels.

Ponder as to why some types of imagery are prevalent
Following on from the last point about modern design trends, with some research into current designs and trends you will start to notice recurring themes as to popular logo traits. Only this year for example, Google left behind the sharp edges and gilt-edged writing font that comprised its logo and took on a curved and softer design aesthetic. These types of somewhat softer and simpler designs find favour due to their clarity, ease of visibility and therefore overall versatility. Whether your logo is used on company signage, branding or even as the logo for your app; it should let those who see it know what company they are dealing with.   

Match the design of your logo relevant to your business (if possible)
This point may seem self-explanatory, but it is an important one to remember. As your logo can be one of the first things that potential consumers see in relation to your company, it should allude as to who and what they are dealing with. If you are an Italian restaurant for example, your logo may incorporate the Italian flag colours or perhaps even some of your signature dishes like pasta and calzones.

Yet for some companies, the products or services that they offer may not be as clean cut in terms of matching imagery to them. A solicitors firm or hedge fund management company may benefit from a unique design that does not necessarily feature a judge’s gavel; but instead of an abstract shape pattern or perhaps even their company name stylised and used as the logo itself.

Here at Ireland Website Design, our team of expert graphic and logo designers will go through each of the above points with you to design or revise the best logo possible for you and your business. Our discussions and work with our clients is always completed to a highly satisfactory level as we combine your needs as communicated to us alongside our wealth of expertise to mutually come up with what is best for your business needs.

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