Why is my new website not appearing on Google?

This is a common question we are asked and it often comes up when building a brand new website  “Why is my new website not showing up on Google searches?”. This blog post is done for new websites, if your website previously appeared on Google and no longer does then this post is not for you and I recommend you read advice from Google.

For many people Google is the only place they go looking for websites so it is important that you appear on Google for relevant searches and when you do not appear on Google then many customers think their website simply do not exist at all.

Here is a video from Google which should help.

This blog will explain the relationship between Google and your website.

1. How do I get a website listed on Google?

Google uses something called a spider (a computer program), spiders crawl the internet looking for new websites and new pages on current websites and they then index (or add) your new page or website to Google.

So your first step is to get a Google spider to visit your website and you have 3 methods to accomplish that:

  1. Google finds a link to your new website on another website it is crawling, this might be difficult for you to achieve by yourself but for new clients we do this for them, in this case we add them to our clients page with a link pointing at their new website, this means the next time a Google spider visits our website they find this new website and begin crawling and indexing it. Google spiders hit our website daily so this is a very fast way to be found.

  2. Google have a submission tool where you can ask Google to send a spider to crawl your website, follow this link to do that: Submit my site to Google but keep in mind this option is actually very slow and studies have shown that sites that are submitted this way do not rank as high, Google take the opinion if your website is any good you wouldn't need to submit it and instead someone would have linked to you.

  3. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to your website (this allows you to generate traffic reports) as this will alert Google to the fact you have a new website too.

Once your website is indexed by Google the site will appear for searches for your domain name : e.g "irelandwebsitedesign.com".

2. How do I appear for different phrases on Google?

Now you are listed on Google but you may not be appearing for high value phrases related to your business. If you were a Dublin logistics or transport company and you were trying to appear for phrases like:

  • Dublin transport company
  • Logistics company in Dublin
  • Truck company Dublin

To rank (and rank highly) on Google for phrases like this you need to look at Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO). SEO comes in two forms Onsite and Offsite, Onsite is everything you need to do with your own website to rank highly for these phrases this includes writing and having lots of content on your website (tip: a blog is the best way to do this), when we build a website we make sure it is good for Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO on the other hand is everything that is done outside your website to help you rank higher such as back linking.

Ultimately SEO is a science and needs someone who has the right experience. If you would like your SEO done right then contact us on 051-393524 or 089-4278112 or visit our contact us page to send us an email. You can also read about online marketing services that we provide.

Otherwise if your keen to do this yourself check out 7 SEO Tips to Raise Your Ranking and also consider adding your business to Google Businesses.

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