How we Protect your WordPress Login Page

Because WordPress is a very popular website building software, it is a target for malicious hackers and those who try to gain access to your website. With this, it is important to protect the access to your website (i.e. your login page) – something which we do here at Ireland Website Design.

WordPress is an incredibly popular content management system that is used to build websites around the world; so much so that it is estimated that as much as 20% of all websites that are active online today are created using WordPress. Due to this prevalence, it is a magnet for malicious and hacking attacks. Here at Ireland Website Design we understand and act upon this and add the following layers of protection to your WordPress login page:

Create a ‘Secret’ Entrance
WordPress sets your login page by default to Because this is the standard way with which to login to WordPress, hackers can directly access this page. Through a series of steps including rewriting the codes and URL attached to your website in the backend, we can create a more secure and obscure access portal to your website. Think of this more as accessing your website from a lesser known side door as opposed to the main entrance.

Personalised Plugins
As WordPress allows for the user to install various plugins to customise their website, plugins can also be used to avail of various security features. We can identify and implement the optimum plugin(s) that suits your websites specific protection and security needs.

Secure Login Information
The sophistication of modern day hackers has allowed them to create automatic programs which are called bots which attempt hundreds of login combinations to gain access to your website. They are programmed to input a spectrum of usernames and passwords that range from the simple ‘admin’ and ‘user’ usernames etc. to the more complicated and difficult combinations. At Ireland Website Design, we have methods to provide you with combinations that are near impossible to be guessed or hacked.

At Ireland Website Design, we can cover every base of your website interface from the beginning to end of the build itself and also various aftercare and support options. While we work to make something that you our client is happy with, we also want to safeguard our work in the best ways possible so you are presented with a safe, secure and serviceable website. 

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