6 Strategic Steps To Drive Traffic To Your Website From YouTube

YouTube can be a great source of leads for your business. At Ireland Website Design we are successful with driving a lot of traffic from YouTube to our own website. How does this work and why does making videos get you traffic to your website.

1. YouTube has more traffic than you 

Did you know YouTube has 1 Billion Active Users Each Month? Consider YouTube like another search engine just like Google, people go to YouTube to search for information, products, services and businesses.

2. Less competition

On Google you probably have 10, 100 or 1000+ competitors all looking for attention of you potential customer. If you target these phrases on YouTube by making videos around them you might be competing against 1, 2 or 5 competitors for the same attention.

3. Make your video the one people watch

Make sure your video has the best description, this will help you rank higher on YouTube. Embed the video on your websites blog (this shows your video is popular). Make your video more engaging, better quality and in high definition, you will easily out perform your competitors.

4. Convert video traffic

So now you have customers watching your videos so now you need to gain conversions. Get people away from your video and on to your website. How to do this? Easy post links to your website from the description, mention your website in your video, embed a button in the video that takes the person to your website.

5. Feature your video

Pay YouTube to drive more traffic to your video.

6. Participate

Comment under similar videos (and your other videos) and link back to your video. Your video will start to get more and more visitors and then your website will get more and more traffic too.

Want help with marketing on YouTube? Ireland Website Design can help, contact us today.

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