Phishing scam that is targeting domain name owners

We need to make you aware of a widespread phishing scam that is targeting domain name owners globally. A few of our clients have been in touch to let us know they have received these emails.

These emails are malicious in nature and appear to be in regards to violation of an abuse policy. They are NOT being sent from us OR any other domain name provider we have spoken to. In order to keep your domain name safe these emails should be ignored, if received.

The phishing scam is being sent to the registrant email address and appears to be from domain name providers, these details are being scraped from the public WHOIS record for the domain.

What are we doing?

We are already in touch with other registrars whose customers have received these emails and together we are taking action to try and stop this.

What should I do if I receive one of these emails?

  • DO NOT click any of the links
  • DO NOT reply to the email
  • DO NOT call any of the phone numbers within the email

Need more information?

If you receive an email like this and are worried, feel free to give us a call (051-393524) or email. In 99% of the cases we are the ones (also operated as who are the contact for renewing your domain. Otherwise you will already be aware of the domain registration company you are using. 

Kind regards,

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