Is Email Marketing Dead? 7 Statistics That Prove Otherwise...

In a single day, there are 193.3 billion emails sent. 108.7 billion of these are business related. When averaged out, each person on the planet gets 121 emails everyday. So with all that competition to fight through, why should good marketers still bother with email marketing? We've come up with the four main benefits for your business and then we'll back it all up with 7 key statistics to show their effectiveness.

Email campaigns targets the expanding mobile market - meaning potential customers get your advertising on the go, with no restrictions.

Reward returning customers, also increases in-store sales - customers love to spend more money if they think they're saving money, no matter how little the reduction.

Emails integrate with other marketing plans - you can tell customers about your latest social media message, a launching of a new product or an approaching deadline.

Email marketing is still the best return on investment - at the very worst, if your campaign fails it hasn't cost an absolute fortune.

7 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Still Works

1. According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has a whopping 4,300% ROI. Every euro spent returns around €44.

2. Emails nurture 50% more leads for 33% less expense. A nurtured lead is an amazing way to build relationships with potential customers.

3. Email marketing is easy enough for small-business owners to do themselves. Constant Contact's participants in a recent survey estimated they saved $273 an hour on marketing activity.

4. Emails convert three times better than social media sites combined. People also spend up to 17% more when they come from email marketing campaigns.

6. An estimated 91% of consumers check emails on their smartphones daily.

7. Adding social sharing buttons increases email click-through rates by 158%.

So with stats like that, the potential of email marketing for your business is substantial. Want to know more about how our marketing team can help propel your business ahead of the rest? Get in touch today!

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