Google Shopping is Launching in Ireland

After missing its first launch date back in 2014, Google is now looking to launch Google Shopping in Ireland this year. Currently serving 23 countries around the world, Google Shopping allows you to search and compare products on factors like price, availability and location.
As Google is still the most popular search engine in Ireland, it's hotly anticipated that the launch of Google Shopping will add a new dimension of reliable and trustworthy e-commerce for the Irish population.

How does Google Shopping work?

The buyer pops in their product's information into Google’s search bar and gets a return of a photo of the product, with price and retailer details. These are called Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Once the buyer clicks on the product, they are directed to the online shop of the chosen retailer. It's also possible to go straight to usual Google search results and continue browsing.

What does this mean for retailers?

Retailers will only have to pay for customers that visit their site directly from clicking on the advert, as with the current cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. Adverts can be created and managed through AdWords and Merchant Center. It's possible to start preparing for the launch and your relevant adverts now.

What's good about Google Shopping?

-Increased traffic to retailer websites
-Higher click-through-rates per advert
-More powerful reporting and data metrics, helping businesses market online
-More product focused, customer friendly
-Easier for customers to compare prices, locations and see availability

Is there a downside to Google Shopping?

The only real downside is from the retailers' perspective - there's going to be even more pressure to compete on price. But hey, that's good for all buyers out there!

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