How to Keep your Brand and Message Consistent

Your website is an extension of your business and areas of interest and as such should present your ideas and ethos as a whole in a consistent manner. We touched on this before in terms of your logo and branding when we asked you to consider ‘Will my Logo Work for all of my Company Branding?’ This also extends to the wording, text and written content that is included on your website. You want to make sure that you convey a clear message that leaves your browsers with no doubt that they are still dealing with your company – however many pages or links they open within your website. Due to this, it is important to consider utilising the skills of a copywriter to keep this consistency.

 Whether you have a large or small staff force, each person has their own distinct way of creating and constructing words and sentences. With this, if more than one person adds pages and content to your website, it receives a disjointed and non-cohesive finish across the many pages. This can cause some confusion when differing writing styles clash. For example, if one staff member creates and writes a page detailing your newest product and then later along the line a different staff members adds or make changes to this page; you run the risk of repetitiveness, inconsistency and overall an unnatural reading flow. Should this happen to multiple pages and parts of your website, you will be left frustrated with a huge facet of your business that is difficult to read and navigate as it trips over itself.

This can also be applied to your social media channels and external communications. People get used to seeing a certain writing style when they see one of your FaceBook posts i.e. “Our Super Saturday Offer! – buy two smartphone cases before midnight tonight and receive free delivery within Ireland! Use promotion code: SuperSunday.” Yet the following week, if a different staff member is tasked with posting a similar post, it could read as “On Sunday our offer allows you to get a discount of 10% off your order when you purchase three smartphone covers. Make sure to use the Promotion Code SuperSunday10%.” This evidently is a jarringly different use of style and tone which may make the potential consumer think: “Is this the same company as before? Have they changed ownership or management?"

With this knowledge, it is important to consider a professional copywriter for your communicative and content needs. At Ireland Website Design, our copywriters are versed in many different writing styles and flows that can be tailored to your type of business and the language and voice that you would like to project. You can avail of copywriting services as part of your website design with us to ensure that your finished project is something that you are happy with and that your browsers and consumers are happy to use.

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