Why you should not use Wix to build your website

Wix is great for hobbyist websites and businesses who would otherwise not have a website presence however if you are serious about building a business (and especially an online business) then Wix is not for you. At its core Wix is a do it yourself site builder and for a site builder it is very good however if you are not a website developer yourself then the website you create may not generates traffic and convert that traffic into leads or sales and you may be hurting your business.

1. Google Unfriendly - only recently Google dropped Wix websites from its search engine, this means Wix websites are not being found through the biggest source of organic traffic on the internet "Google". Also Wix does not integrate with important Google tools such as Analytics and Webmaster which allows us to monitor the progress of a website and make improvements.

2. Poor SEO - Wix websites do not rank highly on search engines in Ireland and this is made up of many reasons but one reason there servers are located outside of Ireland. All our websites are kept on servers in Ireland.

3. Speed - As sites are hosted outside of Ireland they load slower for visitors in Ireland.

4. Poor Design - Since Wix leaves design down to the user unless you are an expert designer and know how to use photoshop to improve images then your website could end up looking bad and this will relect badly on your business.

5. Functionality - Wix websites offer basic functionality so if you need custom programming or advanced functionality then Wix will just not cut it.

6. Flash - Wix website templates often use flash which do not render on Apple devices, we build websites using JavaScript which runs faster and works perfectly on all devices.

So want a professional website? Get in touch with us today and we can build you a website that brings you new customers and sales and does not give you the headache of needing to do it yourself.

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