Then and Now for big brand websites

Its the start of 2014 and usually the time for change albeit most of us will fail with our new resolution. So what way will companies plan to advertise their products to us this year. Here we have a look at some big brands websites from the 90's to how they looked in 2013 As you will see for yourself that their is a massive difference in how they look. Obviously with technology getting better every year websites are going to look better but it may also have the fact that we always look back on the past decades and think how could of that worked, look at 80's for example. Maybe in another 20 years we'll be looking back to today and thinking how bad that things look. So lets have a look at some of the websites from the 90's compared how they looked like over the last year. Coca-Cola 1996 Coca cola Coca-Cola 2013 Coca Cola Apple 1997 Apple Apple 2013 Apple Budweiser 1996 Budweiser Budweiser 2013 Budweiser Disney 1996 Disney Disney 2013 Disney Gatorade 1996 Gatorade Gatorade 2013 Gatorade Lego 1996 Lego Lego 2013 Lego Mars 1996 Mars Mars 2013 Mars Mc'Donalds 1996 McDonalds Mc'Donalds 2013 McDonalds Playboy 1996 Playboy Playboy 2013 Playboy Pepsi 1996 Pepsi Pepsi 2013 Pepsi
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