Selling Online? Grab Yourself the Perfect Platform!

So, you are thinking of giving yourself an edge by selling online? True, you can sell anything over the online world today – from food to clothing to services, but how do you find and retain customers?

It’s simple – you need a good e-commerce site that does the trick!

E-commerce covers a wide variety of online money-making facilities; and it is the foundation on which any online business is built. Whether you are looking to start an entirely new business online or just want to make your presence felt in the virtual world too, we can help. Ireland Website Design has carved a niche for itself in the e-commerce field by offering platforms that can host anything from basic online shops to hotel reservation systems, online flower shops, window cleaning order systems, and more!

Why should you choose e-commerce?

If you are one of those people who haven’t tapped into the Internet mine yet or are apprehensive about it, let us tell you why e-commerce is a game-changing idea:

  1. Your business can operate on a global scale. There are no distance barriers on the Internet. In the real world, you only cater to the people around; a particular city mostly. Online, however, there is no limit. With a single click of a mouse, a person sitting thousands of miles away from you can get access to your products.

  2. The Internet never sleeps. You might have to close shop as night approaches, but online, you’re available 24x7. This means that even people in other countries, who might be on a different time-zone, can be your customers. See how your market expands exponentially.

  3. If your product is a niche product and has a very selective clientele, then you can reach out to your kind of customers quite easily on the Internet. And once word gets around about a good seller online, the sky is the limit.

  4. You stand to save enormous costs. Think of a physical store. You need a full-fledged staff, a physical location that you need to buy and rent, goods like furniture etc. that you might need in the day-to-day conduct of your store etc. online, however, you just have to pay a good e-commerce solution expert and the rest will be done for you.

Now, once you have decided to go online, all you need is a good e-commerce expert. Well, Ireland Website Design ( can help you on this front! Whether your business involves selling plane tickets or selling flowers, Ireland Website Design will take care of it for you. Currently, we use a system called VirtueMart. VirtueMart, as Google itself will tell you, is an incredibly user friendly online shopping system.

With the VirtueMart eCommerce system you can add as many products as you like to your website, without having to pay a professional to do so for you! Upload videos, photos, descriptions and prices to really sell your products to potential customers. 

Psst! Freebie!

We offer a free Facebook competition worth 350 euros with every e-commerce store!

So, hop onto the e-commerce bandwagon and make the most of it.

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