How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing refers to a form of promoting a service or product via email. Unlike other forms of advertising such as on Social networks and Mobile, Email marketing provides a direct medium of communication between the organization and prospective buyers. In addition, this proves to be economical in the long run as compared to other forms of personal marketing. As your advertising partner, we will help you strategize an email marketing plan and ensure that it is executed efficiently.

What makes email marketing work?

Although this form of promoting is often neglected, it has immense potential. Here is how and why email marketing works.

•Be where your customers are: People check their email several times a day and with email marketing, they get promotional messages on the move. By communicating directly with the target audience you stand a greater chance of luring more consumers. More customers mean more revenue, thereby enhancing your company’s financial prospects.

•Ability to send personalized messages: Customers like to be treated well and what’s better than getting a personal message from a company. Emails that have the right message are highly effective in attracting customers. Moreover, the content can be altered depending on the customer’s tastes as well as their geographical location. A study shows that consumers are more likely to react to a message which is directly addressed to them

•Email is mobile: Research has proven that more than 40% of the emails are read on a mobile device. This is why we offer mobile friendly templates that are compatible with any mobile and look great at the same time. The entire purpose of email marketing is lost when the customer doesn’t get the email the way it is designed.

•Quick Results: Email marketing is known to produce a higher return on investment compared to any other form of digital marketing. We also employ various tools that will provide real time reports and show the number of time your email is read as well as the traffic it has directed to your website. Depending on the data collected our experts will help you alter the strategy and make sure you reach out to the right audience.

Prerequisites for Email Marketing

Before you start developing content for the email, it is essential that you have the recipients’ list ready. One thing that you should keep in mind is that in Ireland it is important that you allow a person to subscribe to promotional emails. In case you fail to do so, your company might have to pay a hefty fine. In order to get an email address list you can take help of signup forms on your official website or organize competitions on Facebook that require participants to submit their email IDs. 

Aims of Email Marketing

We created this little image to show you the aims of email marketing.

Email Marketing

How will we help you?

We know e-mail marketing isn't an easy affair. That's why we take care of all your needs when it comes to e-mail marketing. Our personalized packages will help you gain more customers and make an e-mail marketing list that's actually worth it! Once this list is ready, you can segregate the recipients based on your personal preferences and send personalized emails. We will help you in choosing the perfect template and develop content for the email keeping the target audience in mind. Contact us to know how we can help your email marketing campaign!

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