What is a Press Release?

A press release is a form of communication that is sent to the media for distribution among the masses. This kind of a promotion is usually employed by companies that are looking to mark their presence in the highly competitive market. A press release can be in written or made as a video depending on the medium that is used to spread the news. Press releases are considered as one of the most widely used sources of information. In fact, it has become a commonly used Public relations tool these days. A press release can either be used as tool to help change public opinion or promote a product/service.

Don't mistake a press release to be just a document! It's what your company stands for, what you are offering and a great way to woo in customers. Make people be awed by your press release. Make them ask, "Is this really what they are offering?". Make them feel a part of your business and invite them to join in. A press release can do wonders!

Attracting consumers through Press Releases

Press releases are the fastest way of informing people about a new product or service that has been launched in the market. Since the inception of the internet, more and more companies are striving to create a strong online presence. Once the website is created, the second thing that you should focus on is directing traffic to it and making it more popular. This is where a press release comes into picture. There are a few things that should be kept in mind at the time of writing a press release.

Firstly, the heading of the press release should grab the attention of the readers. In addition to this, make it a point to give the important details in the initial sentences followed by the less important ones. This style of furnishing information in a press release is known as the “inverted pyramid”. Also, don’t add too much details as this will kill the curiosity of the readers about launch. Limit the size to a maximum of 600 words and make the content entertaining.

At the time of writing a press release for websites, it is essential that you explain your readers the need to launch a particular service or product and how that will benefit people. Do not include too much technical information as readers usually might tend to lose interest midway. The first paragraph should always mention the news elements such as how, what, when and where among others. The details pertaining to the product or service can be furnished in the following paragraphs.

Free Press Release websites and their benefits

Press releases allow you to promote an event on a larger scale but in a cost-effective manner. When a press release is posted on the web, other platforms also pick up the news and promote it for their personal gains. This makes for a win-win situation for both the sides. 

Press.ie and irishpressreleases.ie are two popular press release websites that are popular in Ireland. On the other hand, if you are looking to publish press releases free of cost you can check out express-press-release.com, 24-7pressrelease.com, free-press-release.com and pr-enside.com. These websites help in distributing your press releases and therefore promote a product on a larger scale. Furthermore, some PR websites also allow you to set a complete company profile so that prospective clients can get in touch.

If you are looking to build a press release that packs in the punch and brings more business to you, look no further! Press releases are a work of art and makes your customers want to buy what you offer. We offer one of the most affordable press releases that you can find. What's more - we are sure you will love them! We even help you post free press releases, so that you can worry about more important parts of your business.

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