How to setup Google Analytics

If you do not have Google Analytic setup on your website you are really missing out, it is the single most important tool available for your website which monitors the traffic you get. Questions like what is the most popular page on my website? What days or months is my website busiest? What are people looking for when they find my page? How many people return again to my website? What do people look at while visiting my website? These are all important questions and with Google Analytics you can figure out the answers easily.

You might find it interesting to note that 1 in 5 visitors to this website do so on a mobile device, are you one of these people right now? Google Analytics help you figure out things like how many people on average need to visit my website so I can get an order? This helps you increase your orders by setting goals to increase visitors! Lets say you get 10 orders a week on your website and 100 visitors. It is then safe to say for every extra 10 people who visit your website you get 1 more order, knowing this means you can actively promote and advertise your website and then keep a keen eye to watch your traffic and ultimately your sales increase. It helps you spend wisely on things like Pay Per Click advertising.

So how do you setup a Google Analytics account? Well its really easy to be honest. First you need to have a Google account and email address, this is easy just go to Gmail and sign up right now for your free email address, you can now use this account to sign into multiple Google products, including Analytics, so to sign in go to and click sign in (check the screen shot below).

Google Analytics

Once you are signed in you will see another screen where you need to click the button that says sign up:

Google Analytics

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll come to the setup screen where you need to fill in all your details:

Google Analytics

Once this is done your tracking code will appear, this code needs to be embedded in the header of your website. Now every visitor to your website is being tracked and you can monitor them directly on your page.

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