Which Part of Your Website Gets more Attention?

Before you go ahead to create and design your website, did you ever think which part of the page gets most attention? Yes, knowing this can help you create your website in a way that people will love.

It is important to understand which part of the website gets most attention.

The importance of understanding what's good:

It is vital to understand which part of the webpage gets more attention because it can engage the user for a longer time. This will help a user to stay longer on the page and may even lead to high conversion rate. Giving emphasis to this point helps the visitors to browse through the services and keeps their interest maintained. To analyze this is very important because the attention of the users on the ads is being diminished. This is also vital to understand because many ads are not being seen at all which in turn have no impact on the user.

The part which gets the most attention:

The top part of the header gets the maximum attention of the visitors, but this is not the topmost part. This is the space which is above the fold and can grab maximum attention of the users. The top banner ads or those ads which are just below the fold get high view ability as well. Those people who consider the content and spend more time understanding it or browsing it, are also noticing the ads to a great extent and give focus to the top part or the part below the fold.

The benefits of understanding the attention statistics:

The attention statistics reported in the info graphics were 34 percent of people who were not engaged in the page. It was also revealed that those people who are spending 15 odd seconds on a web page are more likely to recall the brand than those who stay on the page for 10 seconds. These are 25% people who stay for 15 seconds on the page. Thus, if the page is complicated, then those who are spending 10 seconds on the ad are able to recall the ad more than those who spend time on the ad for 5 seconds. About 30 % of people are able to recall the brand more significantly if they spend time for 10 seconds in viewing the page which is quite complicated.

This view ability can definitely increase and bring a huge change to your business if you pay attention to the layout of your website, as well as its content and layout. One needs to think properly. When it comes to e commerce websites, this thing plays a vital role. The space on the page should be able to grab the attention of the user. So, it is very important to create a website which is an audience driven and catches the attention of the viewer in a right manner. At least 66 percent viewers visit the page and tend to stay for 47 seconds on an average on a web page.

Effectively, this means that if the part of the web page is designed in a pleasing way, then the results can be amazing.

Which is why we can help. Our designers know what's good for your business and can design web pages that catches the eye, making the reader stay longer on the web page and in turn, helping you boost sales! Contact us today to know how we can help you.

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