What does "Content is King" mean?

I say Content is King all the time when I talk to clients, how many people actually know what I mean or even remember this phrase after I have left? Possibly very few and its for this reason I have wrote a blog post on this issue. Having great content on your website means high Google ranking, visitor loyalty and traffic retention along with more sales or conversions from your website.

After speaking to a brand new client today who was very frustrated with his current Google ranking we hit upon content and yet again my favorite phrase. It is important that your website is well written, has plenty of text (more is better and not less) so I taught id remind you all.

  • Ways to improve your websites content include:
  • Adding uniquely well written text.
  • Add call to actions where you may currently have none.
  • Add a blog to your website and update it regularly.
  • Update your website with news all the time.

Always remember if your website is not updated regularly and is not fresh with new content all the time Google and possibly your customers may see your business as one that may not even exist anymore. A few hours spent on improving your websites content can really make all the difference.

Be careful and watch out for the demon duplicated content problem, we are often as humans to copy other peoples text and content, create your own, show your customer and Google that your website is unique. Websites that wikipedia with fresh, updated, relevent and uniquely written content always comes at the top of the search, you need to be like them, the expert of what you do and show Google and your customers this.

If you want help with content creation, we can always help.

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