How to Creatively Delight and surprise your customer?

Think shopping, think online shops!

Providing a good service or a good product is not enough anymore as the web is drastically changing the way we shop.  For the every product released, there will be at least another one company releases a version of the same product.  It's simple. If your customer has a bad experience with you, they can switch over to another company and can become someone else’s customer, no matter how good your service and product is.

To keep the existing customers and to acquire new ones, you have to provide them a good experience more than a good product.  Each one and every one of them want to be respected and feel valued.  There are certain customers who like you so much that they start following your company on social media, subscribe to the newsletter, and praise your products online.

Gift your customers

You must thank customers who indirectly help you in your business by talking about your company on social media. A great way to keep such customers loyal is to thank them, and sometimes also surprise them with rewards.

If a new customer makes a purchase, and we feel she or he is our target market, then find them on a social media channel, their likes, hobbies and gift them as a token of appreciation.

Send a Thank you note

Prior to new products appearing in national stores, call Facebook and Twitter fans and ask them whether they are willing to accept a delivery of new product, try it out and share the feedback.

Customers will be truly appreciative if you send them a thank you note.  Thank you notes serves to customers as an element that you are willing to share that you are going extra mile to those who are giving business.

Some quick tips to write a killer note are given here:

Try using quality stationary.

As a matter of common courtesy, mention the customer’s name and not for the gimmicky reason of persuasion.

Clearly state your reason for sending note.  Show your gratitude.

Allude your future interaction with the customer.>

Close with a professional warm signature.

Get Proactive about the Service

Too often, companies see customer service as a task which is reactionary rather than an opportunistic one.  Get proactive with customers by anticipating their needs.

Check in with your customers

Even if your business lends something personalized, you can always set up a follow up email to check in with the customer and see how they are doing.

If you sell a product for a hobby, for instance, it might be wise to check in with the customers who have purchased a beginner’s set or an equipment to check how they are doing.

In many ways, great service to the customer really is about sweating the details.  Even for the smallest act of kindness people respond with goodwill.

Go beyond “Help” Content

The equation of the “Marketing part” really comes from helping customers.  In that real sense, relationship marketing will be genuinely useful through the act of building relationships.

Help customers understand how your services can become a key component in improving.  In the modern age of web, education can be used instead of promotion in winning over the customers.

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