How to use Facebook for marketing?

With over a Billion users, Facebook is the most used social networking site today. No wonder users spend hours a day online. And when you have such less Bounce rate, it presents a great opportunity for all the marketing executives to address the maximum target audience. This social networking site has turned into a hot-spot for all the business when it comes to marketing.

Most marketing gurus think that Facebook is a very powerful force and it can help them achieve targets easily. With Facebook, one has the liberty to use both outbound and inbound marketing. Inbound marketing was coined by Hubpost’s CEO and says, “It’s marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer-marketing based on content that attracts and nurtures prospects, not spam that interrupts them.’ In other words, this marketing is about attracting people towards you and your content/services/products and bring in more ROI.

A look at what's offered

Facebook allows us to use different forms of advertising and help us to achieve the target quickly and easily. As many people are online in Facebook, it gets easy to reach out to them quickly. Marketing executive can properly use the inbound marketing strategy of the Facebook and thus can make things easy.

Jo Barnes, an online marketing expert, mentions in her report Facebook Marketing 2013, that Facebook allows you a platform with which you can post a huge variety of content. You have the word of mouth element and you have the paid media site - in one place. With a seventh of the world’s population at your fingertips, the opportunities are endless.

Use an effective content marketing strategy

Without doubt content marketing works and these contents can be of any form as in informative articles, images, graphics, games, questions surveys or anything. These contents should act as a bridge between you and your audience and should be able to build a deeper relationship. With social networking site like Facebook, things have become easier. People will like and share your posts if they find it interesting - helping it go viral. It's simple. If you are able to reach out to your audience through this medium, you will come to know about reviews instantly, which are beneficial to you.

Slowly and gradually, all the social media websites are becoming an inner part of the marketing strategies. This section is helping companies to re-define their marketing strategies in a way through which they can reach out the maximum at a very minimal cost. This allows not only to connect to the customers, but also to interact with them on a regular basis which is essential when we talk about retaining customers. Plus, you can get different suggestions from your customer on a regular basis and can improvise on them to make your product better.

Success Stories?

What's the proof of success, you ask? Well, take the case of Oreo. They produced 100 posts in 100 days to celebrate their 100th birthday. These posts turned out to be visual treats to the users and helped them generate 231 million media impressions. Their Facebook fan page has increased by over a million and engagements by 195%. Not only that, their share rate also increased by 280% with every post being shared an average of 1,472 times. This is the perfect example of why every company needs to focus on Facebook marketing strategy in order to gain popularity.

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