Using Social Media to Increase Sales for your Online Shop

Social media can help drive sales for your online shop. You may wonder what are the neat tricks that you can use to make more sales and increase your customer engagement on social media. When you increase customer engagement on social media and drive traffic to your website you make more money its very simple. At Ireland Website Design we are always looking for ways to improve the eCommerce software we provide to our customers and we feel it is very important to create online shops that tie in with Social Media these days.

When a client asks for social media integration most website companies will include a link to your social media profiles from your website, some may even add the ability for your customers to like your home page but at Ireland Website Design we do not stop their, we have some really modern and cutting edge social media integration weapons that are sure to drive more sales for you and is yet another reason why you should use us for your next online shop.

Share Individual Products and Blog Posts

So not only should your clients be able to share your website but when they are looking at a particular product they like they should be able to share it with their friends and family, the same goes for blog posts or other media items on your website such as videos and photos.

Share the Products they just bought

So after searching the internet looking for the correct item at the best price, quality or most trustworthy shop to purchase the item from the client has trusted you with their financial and shipping information. Now is the right time to ask someone to share your website on social media. It is also the best time to ask a client to like or follow you on social media. Just like in the photo below we can setup your website so your clients can join your social media profiles or share the products they have just bought.

Social Media

Offer a discount in return for sharing your website

When a potential customer is on your website it is worth offering them a discount on your products in return for sharing you with their social media followers. It works like this, the person visits your website and upon seeing a product they like they see a a little notification near the add to cart button which informs them "Share on Facebook" (or another social media website) and get a discount.

Social Media

Social Media Competitions

These work especially well on Facebook, ask your follows to enter to win a great deal, maybe one of your products for free. To enter as your followers to enter their email address (which you can add to your mailing list software to follow up with later), then offer increased chances to win if they share your competition with their friends (thus getting you more email addresses). Once the competition is over and a winner awarded the prize you should then follow up with all the entrants to offer them an exclusive deal on the same product or products they entered to win, this works great as you make sales directly from your promotion but also helps grow your email list. If you want to learn more about how Facebook Competitions follow the link.

Facebook reviews

This method works really, just add a little review form at the bottom of a products description allowing a person to leave a review (using their facebook profile) of the product. Reviews are not anonymous so you reduce the chances of competitors leaving bad comments. You also have the bonus that every review your products get end up shared on your friends Facebooks too.

Interested in any of these features?

So if we are building you a brand new online shop we can include any of the features you have read above but even if you already have an online shop do not worry, if your shop is built on one of our compatible shopping systems then we can also add some (if not all) of these features to your shop.

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