5 reasons to adopt Google docs instead of Microsoft Word

For years we have been using microsoft office suite when we needed to create text documents or spreadsheets.

But what if I told you it is already out of date ?

The next generation of office documents is already provided by google.

Let us explain in 5 points why you should abandon the old school microsoft word and adopt google docs.

1. Never lose your work anymore

When using Word you may have experienced this inconvenience. Sometimes you worked on a document for hours, you saved it regularly. Then the next day when you want to open it, it is corrupted and you usually lose a huge part of what you have done.

With google docs it's not possible anymore, your work is automatically saved on the server and you can be sure it will never be corrupted.

2. Never forget your work either

With the offline office suite you had to copy your document on an external hard drive or a usb key to keep it with you.

There was always a risk of forgetting to bring the storage when going to work or even lose it, but you can't lose Google's server.

Now you can just download your work anywhere. The only things you need is a web browser and of course a internet connection.

3. Total compatibility

As we said in the second point, you only need a web browser to open the Google documents.

Therefore, as soon as you have a web browser (so as soon as you are one a pc, tablet, smartphone) you will be able to open your documents.

4. Share as much as you want

When sharing a offline document you always need to make sure you are sending or giving the last version and not a previous one.

You may have made several copies and you don't remember exactly which one is the right one.

With Google docs you just have to give a link to the people you want to share your work with and they will always see the last version.

5. Work in collaboration with coworkers

This the last and what we think is the the most important advantage Google docs provide.

You can work together on the very same document and everyone can see the modifications made by other in real time.

There is no need for sending tons of mail to say what you have done or what you want someone to do. You can just write it in another shared document or in the head of your document and people can add and erase instructions as the work progress.

There are plenty of other reasons to trash Word and go for Google docs but those are for us the 5 most important which should be enough to convince you.

And if you are a project manager or a company owner: adopting Google docs is a very simple way to slightly improve the productivity of your coworkers/employees without putting more pressure to them.

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