Does Your Business Card Help or Hurt Your Business? The 60 Second Test!

At Ireland Website Design we create amazing Business Card Designs, just check out our Graphics Design page. Business cards are very important, they make a first impression of your business. Sometimes we see terrible business card designs and for this reason we wish to help you decide whether your business card really does help or hurt your business. If you're stuck and you decide you need a new business card designed we can help! We can even print and post the business card to you. So contact us today.

1. Does the design of your business card match the design of your logo?

It is important the card uses the same colors, fonts and overall feel of your logo.

2. Does your logo take up more than half the space on your business card?

Do not make your logo huge on your business card thinking it will stand out better - it won't. It will just look tacky, instead make your logo much smaller, surrounded by lots of white space, this trick will make your logo stand out better. If you don't believe me, check out the business card of any big company, this is what they all do.

3. Do you use good quality paper for your card?

Your business card is never the place to try cut back on costs, It is critical to the building and promoting of your brand, think of the feeling you leave a potential client when they have a cheap and flimsy card? By handing a customer a really good quality card you are giving an impression that you are a really good quality company. Do not skimp on the quality of paper.

4. Does your business card use two or fewer colours?

Too many colours can be overwhelming and difficult for people to remember, pick two of your primary logo colours and use these, this will make your card easier to remember and make it look more professional.

5. Does your business card look like a business card?

Unusual designs can actually turn people off. They can also be impractical. A plastic card might seem like a good idea, but what happens when a potential customers wants to write a note on your card? Similarly, you can’t fit an oddly-shaped business card in your wallet or business card holder.


If the answer to any of our quiz questions was no then you need a new business card, luckily we can help! Did you know we can design your new business card for just €35 and print over 2,000 premium quality business cards for you for just €120 (this includes shipping), a lower quality card can be done for €90 but if you're considering this then you haven't listened to our advice! You only get one chance to make a first and lasting impression. Don’t cheapen yours.

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