Life Particle Training - Body and Mind Relaxation

We recently created a website for life particle who are located in the heart of South County of Dublin. Life Particle centres around body and mind relaxation.

This is their first blog post explaining what they do:

Life Particle Training

Life Particles are the particles from Nothingness and the particles of energy and consciousness, which are the essence of Life. The Universal “Mind” is the Source of Life Particles and the root creative force.

Thought is information and potentiality, the product of Mind;
Reality is manifestation of thought;
Life Particles are carriers of intention;
Life Particles can be transferred from one person to others through Energy Field.

Energy works as "mediator" between body and mind. It follows the direction of your mind, moves your blood, and causes creation into reality, both in your body and in your life. Through stabilising your physical health, you will purify your emotional energy, leaving a clear mind that will light up your spiritual energy.

Meditation is a term that refers both to a state of consciousness in which a practitioner watches oneself, as well as a method for achieving such a state. As a method, meditation means quieting the mind in order to more clearly see one's self. That is something that most people know. But here is something that many people do not realise: meditation is a phenomenon that occurs naturally as our consciousness awakens. Ultimately, meditation is simply self-watching from a different aspect of consciousness-a way of becoming selfless.

The first Life Particle Centre in Ireland is located in Pottery Road, Dun Laoghaire and provides Korean Yoga, Energy Training, Meditation, Kigong, Meridian Pilates and Tao Philosophy through classes, workshops and courses. For further information, please refer to

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