How to Submit your Website to Google

So every day our company produces websites for Irish businesses up and down the country. Every day we also manage to get out websites listed on Google, we even manage to have our websites listed on the same day as we go live. This is a big claim to fame and many of our customers end up with us after being with someone else who promised everything but never delivered. So you might wonder how we can get your website listed on Google on the same day we go live with it. It is actually really easy and we are going to share our little SEO secret to you! You can now share in our success.

Getting our customers websites listed in Google in super fast time comes from a combination of different things we do and below we have broken it into steps to make it easy for you:

Step 1 - Your first back link

Okay so we could dive right in and use a submission tool to tell Google about you and this is what many of our competitors do, this is silly for a few reasons and the main one being that in Google's eyes if you have to tell Google that your website exists instead of Google finding it naturally then your website must be no good so with this in mind we start with the first back link to your website from our most popular website in Google "Ireland Website Design", that's right our very own website gets a link pointing to you, our website is so old and has so many links pointing at it that by us listing you on here as one of our customers Google sees you immediately.

Step 2 - Press release

There are many press release websites on the internet, just search on Google for "Press Releases" and you will find many, most are free and some you have to pay for. We use a paid for service because we issue so many of these releases. So how does this work? Simple we post a message on one of these press release websites that a new website is launched and we give a bit of information about you and your website, we then add a picture and of course we mention that we made your website, we then publish it. The website and press release is now picked up by many other press release websites and published there! A really good press release can get you up to 15 back links from different websites.

Step 3 - Google takes notice

So Google is now starting to notice your website all over the internet, your website is so good that Google has been able to find it organically but now you can submit your website to Google if you like (we actually always skip this step on purpose, from experience it adds no value). You can go here:

Step 4 - Get in bed with Google

We mean exactly as we have just said, the next things you should do without fail are:

Create a Google Webmaster Tools account and add your website to that go to:

This handy tool will let you ask Google to instantly crawl your website adding all your pages to its index, you may at this stage also add a sitemap, sitemaps are great for big or complicated websites with many pages. Once you have done this you should also tell Google where in the world you are targeting, for most of our customers that is Ireland.

Other things you should setup at this stage are the Google+ (Googles own version of Facebook), Google Analytics (measures your traffic) and Google Places (adds you to the map), all of these things are really important.

Step 5 - Google is not alone

Google is not the only search engine, you should now submit yourself to Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines out there, also look for a directory called DMOZ.ORG and submit yourself there too, this will help you get listed in many directory based search engines.

Step 6 - Don't sit back yet

SEO is an ongoing effort, you do not pack it in at this stage you continue to write blogs, add relevant content to your website, creating links from other websites to yourself and push on with online marketing, only then will you see a true return on your website investment.

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