Advantages of Bespoke Website Design over Template Design

So have you heard of template websites? Or maybe you have visited some websites like template monster who sell these generic designs? We very much discourage the use of templates in website design and in this post we hope to explain to you why.

Simply put, each business is different, no two businesses are the same, even if they are selling the same items or in the same location. You are different and how you run your business is different and it is very important that your website portrays you and your business as unique as it is.

We always design bespoke websites for our customers which deliver results, get sales and improves a companies over all image.  When you have a bespoke website planned, designed and functioning to your requirements, not someone else's generic idea of how your business should look or run, you will stand out from the crowd and make an impression, you will have a website that customers will want to return to and your design is professional and reassuring.

How effective are template websites?

A really good websites reinforce your message, delivers a return on your investment, it includes strong call to actions which encourage your customers to 'Order Now' or 'Get in touch' or to 'Download'. Though some template websites allow you to do most do not and though you might be getting visitors to your website you may not be getting those orders, downloads or leads that you require.

A bespoke website will make sure to reinforce these call to actions, make them stand out and return that all important investment you made.

Getting your website noticed

So will it help get your business noticed? If you are using a template it may not be selling the unique points of your business or your USP's. It is important that your website stands out from the crowd and grabs your customers attention. All your branding should tie in together and a template wont allow this to happen, it is important that across your brand, website, advertising and business place that their is consistency in the choice of colors you use, the logo design, the graphics and images. Essentially everything should work together!

The last thing you want is a template that will force your business to look one way or to not get your message or USP's across.

Can a template grow with your business?

As your business grows can your website grow with it? Is it easy for you to add new content to your website or update it as required? A website that cannot be easily updated is going to cost you even more money in the long run, their is no point in having a website that you cannot add to, businesses grow and change, they adapt and do new things, your website needs to do the same.

So what next?

So if you have decided that a template cannot satisfy your businesses requirements then the next thing to do is contact us, we will help you create the bespoke website that your business needs.

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