What is SEO?

SEO - How to ensure maximum effectiveness.

All over the internet, you would get to learn of many ‘secrets’ which can be used to bolster up your Google page rankings. Yet, even without the use of these secrets, high Google page rankings can be assured. This can be done if you know exactly what to do when. After the recent Penguin update, it is necessary to do SEO correctly.

SEO, in its entirety, is defined differently by different people. So, you would probably get twenty different answers when you ask twenty different Search Marketers. Essentially though, the principle remains the same. It is that SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is used to rank web pages higher is search results in a ‘natural way’, thus helping the particular site and webpage achieve higher volumes of quality traffic. For doing this, different methods like use of keywords, back link building; use of proper title becomes important.

The most fascinating thing with SEO is that SEO is an ongoing process. Thus, you need to continuously make small adjustments to enhance user experience and also provide better search results. The use of SEO is complex and requires time, knowledge as well as the availability of the required resources.

Here are other tips to ensure maximum effectiveness of your site using White Hat SEO techniques

  • Quality content is first priority. After content optimization, the page should be changed to allow crawling so that search engine spiders can crawl easily.
  • The website is designed by semantically marking your content and making the contents simple so that the crawlers can locate them on the page.
  • The number of incoming links and reciprocal links on web pages is increased without going against Google’s policies. The greater the number of links, the higher the site ranking. This not only improves the site visibility but also attracts more traffic.
  • Internal linking is done so that search engine robots find content with more accuracy. Different pages are linked together to facilitate smooth transition between pages.
  • Titles and meta data should be meaningful and describe the crux of the content. Meaningful headings are essential.
  • Keyword research should be done so that one can use keywords effectively. Necessary changes are incorporated into the pages depending on the basis of this research.

How Valuable is SEO?

When people do search or query for something, they do it with a decision to buy the product if they find it useful. So if you have a company and are selling your products through the medium of internet, you would definitely not want to miss out on potential customers. In fact, it has been seen that around 37% people have an intention to buy something when they do query keywords into search engines. Out of this 37% people who search with the intention of buying a product, around 56% conduct a local search with the aim of personally going to a local business to buy the product. Then, a considerable amount of them would buy the prodcut directly from the online store. (Source: Network Solutions)

Learn SEO & Article Marketing

With the increasing internet users, commercial websites can be used as a great source of income. This income is directly proportional to the amount of traffic that your website generates on a regular basis. This traffic can be increased if you have good knowledge about SEO and Article Marketing.

SEO stands for search engine optimization which means your articles must be optimized for search engines. SEO articles are highly ranked in search engines (like google) compared to other articles which are not optimized. SEO can be performed in two ways, onsite optimization and offsite optimization. Both are essential to rank your website high in search engines and increase the traffic.

Onsite optimization is done while choosing the keyword and writing the article. One should have clear knowledge about all SEO attributes like keywords (competitive and non-competitive), meta-keywords, meta-description etc to perform onsite optimization. This is the first part towards optimizing your website for search engines.

The second step is off-site optimization and it is a very crucial step. High traffic websites and low traffic websites are distinguished based on the level of off-site optimization performed on them. This step involves marketing your article through various ways.

Article marketing for offsite optimization can be achieved in the following ways:

Back Linking

The rank of your website increases considerably with the increase in number of back links for your website. Back link is nothing but a link on any website or blog with a link back to your website. This can be done using the following methods

Blog Commenting

This can be done manually to increase the organic traffic on your website. You can visit various blogs and forums related to the article published on your website and comment on these blogs and forums with a link back to your webpage. Make sure your comment is relevant and has a link that redirects the users to your web page. This will increase the rank of your website on search engines. It also helps in article marketing as active people on such blogs and forums may possibly visit your website if they find your comment interesting. One disadvantage is that the admin can delete your comment at will.

Directory Submissions and Press Release Submissions

This is another way of back linking and is much better compared to the above method. You can write good articles which are accepted by directories like ezinearticles.com and use the resource box for back linking. Using the resource box you can write a line about your website and place a link back to your webpage. Same can be done with the help of press releases. This is one of the common ways for achieving back linking and is the most beneficial method available today.

Offsite Optimization using Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter can be used to great effect for marketing your website and increase the traffic as a result. This is initiated by creating a facebook and twitter page for your website and maximizing number of fans and followers for these pages respectively. Second step is, whenever you publish a new article on your website, you need to update it on your facebook and twitter pages. In this way you can easily increase the organic traffic on your website.

In this article, we have given a brief description about SEO and Article Marketing. If you want to learn more about these strategies, you can subscribe to our website.

With time, techniques changes!

The techniques described above might be the most relevant today but things change soon. What might change? Well, for instance, there might be change in algorithms, in customers, in search behaviour and what not. Though some principles are bound to withstand the test of time in some way or the other, many things do get changed with time.

Google, on its part, updates its search algorithms from time to time. Normally, Google doesn’t want people to know about its search algorithm as it might result in manipulation by people to get better search results.

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