The Current State Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a profession that is changing all of the time. Because of the constant changes made by Google when it comes to SEO and the growing impact of social media, being good at content marketing means being able to keep track of the latest developments.

Here we will look at the current state of content marketing and what is currently considered to be good practise. We will also look at what aspects are more likely to last longer than others.

The Popularity Of Infographics

Infographics have quickly become one of the most popular kinds of content posts online right now. It is thought that you can nearly double your chances of getting social media shares if you use an infographic instead of regular written content.

The main reason that infographics have become so popular is that they are nearly 40% more likely to generate backlinks than regular written content. This is why so many websites are now employing writers who can make infographics themselves, or are at least hiring design experts to convert the content into a graphic. Because they are proving to be so good at bringing in traffic over a long period, creating infographics is something that every content marketer should think of doing.

A Personal Story Does Well

If you are writing content for a website, then using personal stories is a good way of boosting your audience. Quite often however, in order to fully benefit from this current trend, your content needs an effective title that is sure to get the audience's attention. These titles tend to start out with something like, “How I” and then mentions a rather impressive achievement. This may also lead to an increase in audience interaction as well, particularly is the subject you are talking about is controversial.

If you are talking about something that is both personal and can help fuel a debate, then it will almost certainly do really well. Social media has played a very big part in making this happen, particularly with sites like Twitter. If you can give a personal story a solid title and use it to start a debate, then you will have a very popular piece of content on your hands.

Content Marketing

Finding A Good Posting Time Matters

If the option is available to you, go back and have a look at what time your most popular website posts have been posted. Chances are, they were posted at around 8 or 9 AM. This is not always the case, but it is most of the time. If you can find an average time that seems to lead to the most common pieces of content, then you should always post at this time.

You can even go further than this and see if there is a particular day when posts are able to get a lot more attention. Soon you should be able to find an exact day and time when posting can have a very positive effect on your audience figures. It has long been considered irrelevant, but now timing has been proven to mean a lot when it comes to content marketing.

Descriptive Headlines Last Longer

While having a short and vague headline might be able to get your website hits during the short term, as the page gets older its popularity will start to plummet. Having a more descriptive headline however has a very good chance of retaining decent popularity over a longer period of time. In fact, they are nearly 30% more likely to receive a share on social media than a regular vague headline.

Getting the specific point of a piece of content across in a headline is now proving more popular than ever. It also a good way of helping you get hold of those long-tail keywords than can sometimes prove to be evasive.

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