How to tailor your social media campaign to promote your business

So you have decided to take the leap into social media but are unsure how to proceed. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks which will allow you to tailor your campaign and gain a greater return on your time and effort.

Consideration before promotion

Firstly, you should take a second and consider what are your assets? Who are your target audience and what are you trying to promote?
Be specific about what you want from your audience. Inform them about your latest products or services followed by tailored calls to action. Calls to action like Buy Now or Read More are proven to grab the users attention and to illicit a response. That, however, is just the first step! Once you have their attention, you need to give them what they want.

Once they have taken that first step and have followed your link, it is then important that they find what they are looking for. You need to make sure that you’re Buy Now brings the audience directly to the product you have promoted. Do not send users to a page with a multitude of options and expect them to find the right one, keep it simple.

Now that you have followers, you need to keep them engaged. Make sure to stay informed about the latest trends regarding your industry. Find relevant news that relates to your target audience to keep them coming back to your site.
For example, if you’re a website designer and you find a topic about the latest web responsive technologies, this gives you an opening to not only inform your audience about this new trending topic but to promote the fact that your websites are built using these technologies.

So the key points to remember:
• Know your assets
• Know your target audience
• Know what you are promoting
• Be specific; tell your audience what you want
• Give your audience what they want
• Keep your information relevant and up to date

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