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The Ultimate Online Conversion Checklist

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Even if your site is able to bring in lots of visitors a day, your site could still be a failure. Unless you are converting those visitors to potential leads and then clients, your site is not doing its job properly. Luckily, there are things you can do to fix that. We’re going to look at the most important aspects of conversion so then you can check and make sure that your website is utilizing them to the best of its ability.

Test Your Website

There is no guarantee that you are going to get your conversion strategy right the first time around. With that in mind, you may as well take advantage of it and test your site as often as you can. This way you will be able to find a conversion strategy that has the best overall effect. Try using different testing software so then you are able to find one that best suits the amount of traffic your site is attracting.

Testing the different versions of your site is really the only way to see what kind of effect your strategy is having on your conversion rate. Luckily, there is a wide range of tools you can use, including Google Analytics that can really shine some light on what is working for your site and what is not.

Check Accessibility Of Your Website

This is quite a broad subject, so this part of the checklist will probably take longer than anything else. It is a vital part of the way your website operates though, so you need to make sure that you address this particular aspect properly. There is a range of online tools including Screaming Frog that can analyze how accessible your site is. Ultimately, these are the accessibility aspects that should be of the most concern to you:

  • The website is compatible across all web browsers.

  • Not a single broken link on the website.

  • Personalized 404 messages, the more warm, eye-catching, and helpful the better.

  • Quick page loading times.

  • No pop-ups, spam, or other threats to personal internet security.

  • Security certificates and privacy policy written clearly, conscientiously, and kept in an appropriate and accessible location.

If your site is operating well in the areas listed above, then your site has clearly passed the accessibility test. If the results are bad, however, you could be spending a lot of time trying to put it right.

The Call To Action

Calls to action have become an art form over the past few years. Content writers who specialize in calls to action are now being hired in order to increase conversion rates. In most cases though, this is unnecessary. It is quite simple to write your own call to action, as long as you know what will convince your visitors to become a potential lead.

It must create a sense of urgency while making it clear what the visitor is being offered. For example, “take a tour now!” is an example of a good call to action because it is urgent, but doesn’t push the audience towards purchasing anything.

Have Testimonials On The Site

While you may think that testimonials are not very effective at creating conversions, they are actually underestimated. Quite often people tell themselves not to be won over by a testimonial, but often seeing that someone else has enjoyed a particular service is likely to be the factor that tips them over the edge. This is why so many people buy items on Amazon and eBay based on the kind of reviews the product has received.

There are however many sites that are offering fake testimonials for money. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to do this. Just ask your satisfied customers if they would be willing to do testimonials. Otherwise, copy the positive reviews on sites like Google and use them on the site. As long as you include your source, they still count as a positive testimonial that you can use.

Show Off Your Best Products

If you have around five products or services that you consider to be your “best-sellers” then let the world know that that is the case. Since they are selling well, they are the most likely products to increase your conversion rate, so give them plenty of space on your site.

High-Quality Website Content

For many, this is the most important aspect of a website. If your content is able to succinctly explain to a visitor the benefits of using your products or services without being overly complicated, then it should have a positive effect. Ensure that you don’t use jargon or complicated terms too often and you don’t bog people down in the details. Try and keep things sharp and conversational and your content should have a positive effect.

As for the general look of your content, you will need to decide on a style. Something simple is usually fine, as long as you use the same font and size throughout your site. Also use headings, bold and italic fonts whenever it is appropriate.

Give Something Away

If you want your visitors to hand over their email address so then they become potential leads, then just give something away. Everyone wants something for free, so a simple giveaway is a great way of generating some solid leads.

Make Pricing Clear

There is nothing more frustrating for potential customers when they browse a website and they see something they like but have no idea about how much it costs. These people are more than likely going to leave the site feeling frustrated and will never visit the site again. Even if you consider yourself to be expensive, just display your prices clearly.

Provide Good Customer Service

This may seem a little obvious, but customer service is a very big part of the conversion process. If you have a range of content details available on your site, then your visitors will know that you will be available to listen to whatever questions they may have about your services. Unless you are a big company, you should always include your phone number. People still enjoy old-fashioned phone conversations, so having your number will show you are happy to communicate directly.

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