3 Top Tips for Social Media Marketing

With the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram getting bigger and more popular by the day, your social media business presence is more important than ever. Social media is a great way of interacting with your clients and customers, promoting your projects/services and strengthening your online presence. As a result, working hard on the right kind of social media marketing is essential to success - here are our three top tips for successful social media marketing.

Make your social media accounts and websites match your off-line branding. You want to set the same high standards of attention and detail throughout your business profile. Many social media platforms help you to personalise your profile and account with colours, images and fonts - make sure you choose the right ones to match the rest of your branding. A smooth look throughout all of your branding will not only help promote your business but also promote a sense of trust and recognisability for your clients and consumers.

A lot of newbies to the business end of the social media world think that success is a simple as putting up a few good posts of content. However, there is a whole different approach to getting people to see, read and share your posts. A lot of this is simply down to good timing. When first starting out, the time of day you post your content is pretty much a hit and miss stab in the dark to see what does and doesn't work. Once you have been posting for some time, you can go and analyse your posts' data. Figure out which posts get the most interactions and correlate the times of the day they were posted. Next, try scheduling your next few posts to go live at these times over the coming weeks. The increase in interaction between your accounts and your audience will be noticeable within days.

To succeed in social media, you need to know your business, your sector and your audience inside out. Good content creation relies heavily on writing in the correct tone for your business. If you're too serious, people won't follow your posts, too funny/light-hearted you might come off as unprofessional. You should already know your audience demographics, so choose the right tone to suit them. Remember: if you get it right, your content can go viral within hours, bringing a whole new level of exposure to your company.

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