Google Rebrands Webmaster Tools As Google Search Console

If you have been using Google Webmaster Tools for a while or you recently thought about using it, you will have noticed that Google have recently decided to rebrand it. The name has been changed to Google Search Console. So far there are limited additional features, but they could still prove to be important for people who liked using Webmaster Tools. There is of course also the promise that the rebrand could lead to more features becoming available in the future.

Here we will look at everything you need to know about Google Search Console and what makes it different from Webmaster Tools.

Why The Rebrand?

The main reason for the rebrand seems to be in order to make Webmaster Tools more inclusive. It has been suggested by Google themselves that the name Webmaster Tools had connotations towards strict professionalism. In other words, they felt that the name was only appealing to people who are experts at running websites and want to get their hands on some complicated data. Over the past few years however, the tools offered by Google and other providers have become more popular. Even people who just run simple blogs are using Google tools among other things to try and help them improve their website so then it is more popular and able to reach a wider audience.

With this in mind, Google have decided that the name Webmaster Tools sounds too exclusive. Therefore they have chances the name to Google Search Console in order to attract more people.

Google Webmaster Tools

Will The Webmaster Tools Stay The Same?

It would seem at this stage that it is too early to tell. However, the only thing that is likely to happen is a string of updates to the operating system. Apart from that, the chances of Webmaster Tools features being taken away are probably quite low indeed. The aim of the name change is rebranding after all, rather than performing an overhaul.

So What's New With Google Search Console?

So far, there is very little on offer from Search Console in terms of new features. All the old Webmaster Tools features are still there and are up and running as normal, but apart from that there is very little to report. Since the name change, the only thing that has really been announced by Google is some new App indexing features. This basically allows people to get a clear idea of how well their app is doing in search engine results. They're also developing new ways for you to see how your app looks through Google, in other words giving you an exact preview. This will enable you to see if your app is having the desired effect and is producing the kind of results you are looking for.

While these developments will be very appealing for people who have apps and want to be able to see how well they are performing, this is the only additional feature since the change over to Google Search Console. It's unlikely however that this will be the last update that we see.

When Can We Expect More New Features?

At the moment, there is no timetable on when there will be more features from Search Console. That is of course assuming that there will be any at all. The new app indexing and upcoming app preview features could be the only thing we see from Google. However it does seem unlikely that they will leave it there. There is a distinct possibility that they have something in mind to help them launch their rebrand.

Seeing as appealing to more people who are not analytical experts is the aim of the rebrand, perhaps a new feature that will make dealing with analytics easier will be the next step. Like we say though, right now there is nothing coming from Google about what will happen next. For the time being, Google Search Console is simply carrying on from where Google Webmaster Tools left off.

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