Important SEO Factors You Need To Know In 2015

SEO can be quite a difficult thing to develop when you don't have much time on your hands. The rules and guidelines of effective SEO are changing all the time, and keeping track of all relevant updates can feel like a full time job! Stop researching and you could find that your site will start slipping down the search engine rankings with little explanation.

There are a few important SEO factors that are vital to the success of any website for 2015. Here's our quick and easy guide to keep you up-to-date.

Make Your Site Mobile Ready

Google have now made it a set requirement that websites need to be mobile device friendly. If your site isn't, it will perform significantly worse than competitors' sites in search rankings. This recent change has been made to take into account the vast number of people who are using mobile devices over desktop computers to browse the internet.

Using a mobile responsive web designer is a perfect way of ensuring that you have a decent mobile website. Or you can even develop a mobile app in order to help improve your mobile presence. Either way, you will need to make sure that all of your web pages are loading quickly and correctly when they're being viewed on a device. It's also essential that any video content you have on your site can be viewed on a mobile device.


Know The Penalties For Bad SEO

If you are not able to keep a track of all the SEO changes that are taking place, try and make a note of the kind of penalties that can occur through bad SEO practices.

While you are doing this, you should have a look at the things you can do in order to recover your SEO if it nosedives because of a penalty or rule change. This way if anything is to happen to your search engine ranking, you can immediately start trying to get your site back into shape as soon as possible.

Take A More Hands-On Approach To Link Building

Link building has always been a staple of good SEO practice. It's now starting to become more and more important, so it's something that is well worth investing your time in. You should be spending more time getting in touch with other bloggers and industry experts to try and build strong relationships with them. When you do, you will be able to build better links than ever before.

Building relationships with other bloggers is a much more effective way of improving the ROI of your site. Many people still think that just emailing bloggers and asking them if they can feature a guest post as a favour is the way to go, but this is becoming more outdated and obsolete. Building strong links with other sites through regular communication is now considered the best way to go.

Bring Technical SEO And Content Marketing Together

Technical SEO is a great thing to use to improve the overall SEO of your site, but it's not enough to improve traffic. While it may have been enough in the past, it is now considered to be a form of SEO that is best served as a base for an SEO strategy rather than having a direct effect on results. This is why many website owners are now pairing technical SEO and content marketing together in order to achieve the best results.

You can do this simply by creating certain pages on your website. For example, you can combine technical SEO and content marketing when you make a FAQs page for your website. You can also try cross-linking between pages and try to provide content that is likely to be linked to by respected sites. By doing this, you can bring technical SEO and content marketing together in a way that guarantees much more success than if you were dealing with these two aspects of your website separately.

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