6 Tips to find a good Web Design Company

1. Check their Portfolio
Every good web designer keeps track of his work and usually provides links to pages he made in his portfolio. The first thing you do when you search for somebody to create your website should be checking the portfolio. Do you like the overall design of the websites? Do they work as the user expects them to? Do the websites work on a mobile device? We at Ireland Website Design focus a lot on new technologies and give our best to create responsive websites that fit your needs.

A good Web Design Company also provides reviews of the clients they worked with. Therefore you can not only judge if the design is great, but also how the general process of creating the site worked out for the client.

2. Content

A professional Web Design Company can provide you with stock images but will also create content from scratch. Therefore it would also offer graphic design and copywriting. We keep a close relation with your company’s content creators to make sure we meet the style of your previous content.

3. Design

Content and Design go hand in hand. In fact, the American architect Louis Sullivan established the statement form follows function. This doesn’t mean you create content first and then you design it, but rather that the content itself indicates the design. The form is the logic conclusion of the function.

To save you time and money we often come back to templates for content managing systems such as Joomla and Wordpress. But don’t worry! We customize those templates specifically for your brand and your content.

4. Communication

Communiction is everything. A good Web Design Company will make that it understands the customers’ requirements perfectly before starting the design process. During this process the customer will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that the company fits his needs. Communication between the employees of the Web Design Company is also important. Bad communication will result in a bad product. This can be avoided by going through reviews of previous customers.

5. The Price

The cost for websites ranges from a few hundred to ten thousands of Euros. A lot of cheap designers often don’t offer ongoing support or are limited in their performance due to a small team. And often it’s even just one person. So if you’re planning a bigger project you have to be aware that the proverb You get what you pay for often applies. In return you can expect that the company also provides you with metrics to measure the benefit you get from the new website. We can also provide you with general strategies to increase the revenue of your company which go beyond the scope of a simple website like social media management.

6. Ongoing Support

Tired of running to your web designer anytime you want to change something? We provide you with websites where you can easily modify small elements by yourself with knowledge of the code. But of course we are there for you to keep your website going after it launched.

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