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Marina from County Mayo searched for an easier and more practical way of changing her daughter without having to remove all of her clothes. When her daughter was sick she had to change her vest almost four times in an hour and thought there had to be an easier way to go about this.

After realising there wasn’t anything available online she decided to create BabyBoss and the two-part baby vest The Twosie. Now parents can change the bottom of their baby’s vest without having to remove all of their clothes.



BabyBoss wanted a website that would help them create an online presence for their company. They were an emerging Irish manufacturer who needed to be able to show off their unique baby product, The Twosie.

We were to launch their business into the world of digital and help them create an outstanding online presence. We needed to push their brand into the Irish market so they could begin gaining traffic in an online space.


We created an eCommerce store for BabyBoss using Shopify. It helped them with all the functionality they needed to sell their products online.

We created their website to be impressive visually to the viewer and the customer. We made use of white space to showcase The Twosie and make it stand out for any potential customers who visit the website.

We also made the website user-friendly at the back end of the site so the owner could keep it updated and she won’t be worried about having difficulties in the future with the site.

The website has a built-in clear call-to-action that will guide any potential clients to make a purchase or to get in contact if they have any inquiries. The website also has an easy to navigate menu so that the user’s experience is friendly and stress-free. This will help increase their sales and customer satisfaction.



  • Business Analysis
  • A Shopify site with significant design, software, and functionality
  • ECommerce Website Development
  • Local Search Engine Optimisation
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Management Training


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