Mobile App Development

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With roughly 2.6 million Irish people now using smartphones daily, your company can reach new heights with the right mobile app. Not only does a professionally built app promote your business, it also helps it grow substantially, generating new streams of revenue and promoting repeat custom.

With clear objectives in place, our aim is to create an app that will exceed your expectations. We specialise in tailor-made apps for Android, Microsoft and Apple platforms. We also use a number of cross platform technologies such as as PhoneGap and Adobe AIR.

One of our highly-skilled app development team members will aid you in working out all the finer details, step by step. You'll get support, advice and consultation during every phase of your project.

Your designated team leader will provide you with your app design in a page by page representation of the working app before we begin development - ensuring that your app looks amazing and works perfectly before the big launch.



  • GPS
  • Video
  • Maps
  • QR Codes
  • Voice Recognition
  • Bluetooth
  • Push Notifications


Operating systems that we design for:

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Wedding Checklist App

Below you can see an example of an app we developed for Helping brides put a check list of important things that need to be done when getting married, this check list can be used to alert brides of appointments and deadlines to be met. Brides can also share their check list with friends and family to help accomplish that never-ending list of wedding tasks.

wedding mooch

Application Features :

  • Push Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Social Share

Money Tracker App

Money Tracker Pig allows the user to track their income, expense and savings. You are given the option to view reports each day, week, month or year. The main categories on the app consists of total income, total expenses, total savings withdrawal and balance.The settings menu allows the user to add their own categories of income, expenditure and savings.

money tracker pig

Application Features :

  • Add/edit/delete your income under difference category
  • Add description of your transaction
  • Saving withdrawal
  • Instant transaction summary for today, day, month and year
  • Add /delete your own transaction categories


Other Projects