Published: July 2017 | Read Time: May 3 Min

Liam Power opened Sporthouse in Waterford in 1984 with a loan of £400 from the credit union.

He started manufacturing bags in the family kitchen with a sewing machine he bought from his old employer. He made durable, high-quality bags and as the demand grew and more orders flooded in Liam had to move to a bigger location.

Sporthouse moved to a factory in an industrial estate and went on to grow as an international manufacturing company that supplies bags to companies all over the world.

They make school bags, travel bags, and rucksacks which were in high demand both internationally and here in Ireland.

Sporthouse is now known for its incredible quality and longevity as well as having friendly customer service.



Sporthouse wanted us to help them create a stronger online presence so they could continue to grow their business and sell all over the world. They didn’t have an eCommerce website up and running so they wanted us to provide one for them so their customers could reach their products a lot easier. They wanted somewhere to offer their wide range of school bags, travel bags, and rucksacks online. We needed to help them push their brand into the online market so they could branch out in the online space and the Irish market.


We created an eCommerce store for Sporthouse using Shopify and it helped them with all the functionality they needed to be able to sell their products online.

We created their website that was visually impressive to their audience and their customers. We made use of white space to showcase their products and make them stand out on the page for any potential customers who visit their website.

We made the website user-friendly at the back end of the site so the owner could update as they pleased and he wouldn’t be worried about running into any difficulties in the future with the site.

The website has built-in clear call-to-actions that guide potential clients to a contact form to generate inquiries about the products. The website also has a navigation menu that is easy to use which allows for friendly and stress-free user experience. This will help increase Sporthouse’s sales and overall customer satisfaction.



  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Management Training
  • Business Analysis
  • A Shopify site with significant design, software, and functionality
  • eCommerce Website Development
  • Local Search Engine Optimisation


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