Our Website Design Process

Every website company has a process for getting a website to completion. It is this process that makes it easy for us to complete a project to a high standard and to make the process as simple as possible for our customers. This process is used for both our biggest and smallest projects.


To begin each project you the customer contacts us, we collect as much information from you about your project as possible. Small projects might just need a few emails over and back or a quick call and larger projects may need more time to discuss and research. At this stage we are trying to understand what your needs are.


After understanding what you are looking for we prepare a quotatuin for you, you have time to review this quote and suggest any required changes, the quote becomes our agreement to what work you require and additional work not outlined in the quote will cost extra to add at a later stage. The proposal contains ideas, suggestions, plans and requirements. It also tells you a little about our company, projects we have completed in the past and contains testimonials from past clients. Please note the proposal also contains our terms and conditions.

Research & Requirements

After receiving the quote the next step is to pay a deposit, depending on the size of the job the deposit can be 100% or 50% of the total agreed amount. We now send you a questionnaire which requests detailed information required by everyone who will work on your project including our designer, content writer, developer and project manager. The questionnaire is then completed and sent back along with any artwork such as logos, current print media, photos and text to use on the website.

Once this information is received your project manager will then do some research on your competitors websites, the market you wish to sell too and the exact technologies to be used. He may at this point come back with some further ideas and suggestions for you.

Once all this is received and approved by our project manager we will then schedule a date and time to start the first two steps of the project which include developing your brand and preparing the text to go on the website. Some times at this point more requirements become aparent and we sometimes need to adjust our original agreed upon price.


The first step in any project is for you to send us your logo and copies of current branded items such as business card, letterheads, flyers, advertisements or we design your branding which will be used across all items from your website to stationary and flyers. We design your branding, pick colors and create you a logo. Once you approve the branding we begin the next stage which is developing your website.


At the same time as creating your brand or shortly after we will begin looking at the content to be used on the website, you will have supplied the text at this stage or our copy writer will put it together for you. This text is then sent for your approval. It will be laid out in a word document file seperated by page breaks representing each seperate page on your website.


Once you are happy with your branding the the text we plan to use on your website we begin to design your website in a photo software, this design will be only 2D and not interative, you will receive it as a plain image and at this stage it is very easy to tweak and to change, often clients due to excitement rush this phase of development and later require changes to the design, though this isnt the end of the world we have had cases where the new design changes were so much we needed to bill the client for additional hours of work when they could have made these changes at this phase for no extra cost.

Once the design is approved we both agree this is what you the client require and we go ahead to develop and code this website.


The website developer takes over at this point and begins to build and code your website, while this is happening we place a simple holding page at your domain.


Once your website is completed, all the content is loaded on to it and we now send you a secure login so only you can access the website, you can then feel free to browse and test your website.


You return to us with any changes that are required to the website and we implement them. (alot of changes at this point, especially anything that could have been changed during the design process may incur additional charges).


Once you are happy with your website you pay the remaining balance on your account, at this time and only at this time does your website go live on the internet, at this moment you can directly reach your website by typing its domain name into the address bar, please note you are not at this point added to the Google search engine.


This is our last job at the time your website goes live and it is to promote your website online, we do this by issueing a press release to certain websites that watch our for new sites, we tell them all about your site, we then add your website to Google, setup Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and we add your website to ours and to Facebook. All this promotion will usually lead to having your website indexed by Google within 3 working days.

So now you know our website development process, its very easy, repetitive for us and easy for you to follow. My best advice to anyone looking to start a new website is to try have a clear idea about exactly what their requirements are from the very start, this way we can help as best as we can.

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