The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed bug was revealed last week. You may have heard that your information could have been stolen, but you are not sure what this means and if you have to take measures to protect yourself from the leak.

Let us give you a short explanation.

The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in the SSL/TLS encryption which normally protects your information when you connect to a website on the internet.

It means that if people were aware about this loophole they could have easily stolen your user names, passwords, emails and so on by exploiting this vulnerability.

You may want to know if you have been affected by this, we recommend that you install the Chromebleed add on if you are using Google Chrome or the Heartbleed add on if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

This add on will warn you if the site you are browsing is affected by the Heartbleed bug, and if so, it is highly recommended to change your password.

If you want to learn more about the Heartbleed bug, visit for more details.

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Goggins Transport is an international freight company established in 1979. Based in Ireland and the United Kingdom, they transport all kinds of goods, heavy loads, hazardous loads and temperature-controlled items.


The Task

Provide a modern website which showcases Goggins' work from the moment the user logs on. We were also asked to redesign their logo to reflect their status as an international company.

Our Solution

Our branding team created a new corporate identity for Goggins Transport by designing a new logo and enrolling the new company colours throughout the new website.

We went for a clean, image-rich design with a widescreen slideshow to capture the attention of the user. Clear call-to-actions guide potential clients to a contact form to generate inquiries. Working with our photographer, we helped Goggins create a unique, inspiring homepage. At first glance, each visitor has instant access to the most important information - including accreditation and partners. As always with our websites, all pages were created fully mobile responsive to provide the best experience for users on all devices. By integrating social media, we ensured that Goggins Transport can effectively use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote their business.

With the new look website, Goggins Transport stands head and shoulders above their competitors. Their new corporate identity and website is significantly strengthening the role of Goggins Transport as a big player in the international haulage business.



What We Delivered

  •  Business Analysis
  •  Brand Identity
  •  Logo, Business Card & Letterhead Design
  •  Content Strategy
  •  Copywriting
  •  Professional Photographer
  •  Mobile Responsive Website Design
  •  Search Engine Optimisation
  •  Website Management Training
  •  Support and Maintenance
  •  Digital Marketing Strategy
  •  Social Media Account Creation


Client Testimonial

Overall we were very impressed with the design of the website, it is very professional looking and represents the quality of service that we here at Goggins Transport provide. As an added touch we had some professional photographs taken by Ireland Website Design which turned out great and added a lot to the site.

Declan Goggin, Goggins Transport


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