Mobile Design

Mobile responsiveness is an essential feature for any modern website. With users on mobiles/tablets quickly overtaking numbers of PC/laptop users, a non-mobile responsive website will cutting out a large chunk of potential clients and customers.

What Is Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Responsive design is a technique that allow websites to dynamically alter their layout based on the device accessing the site.

Our designers set breakpoints in the responsive design - it is these breakpoints that will tell the site to alter the website's appearance as needed for the device it is being viewed on. Our developers build the designs to react to these breakpoints. For example, load the site and drag the corner of the browser to resize the window, notice how the design adapts to the size of the viewer’s browser or smartphone.

We develop all our website projects to resize correctly, without the loss of functionality and retaining brand identity. Mobile responsive design is a standard for all our projects - make sure its a standard for your website too.

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