Website Design Trends For 2020

2020 is approaching quickly and we all know what that means! New year, new website trends. By updating your site with a few of the new trends that are on the horizon, you can stay ahead of the competition and look damn good while you’re doing it.

You may be panicking. That’s understandable. It’s difficult trying to keep up with the expectations of the public (and your competitors) - but you do really need to update that website, you don’t want to look like a fool stuck in the year 2019!

So, without further ado, here's a list of the upcoming trends in website design for 2020.


Mobile First, Duh.

Mobile isn’t really a new idea and if you’re not mobile responsive, then 2020’s trends should be at the bottom of your to-do list.

In 2020 instead of making desktop designs first and later on making them to be mobile responsive, more agencies are starting to design the mobile version first. This allows designers to create simple and fast mobile templates and then make them responsive to desktops.

This will cut complex website designs from the market - seeing more simple websites without complicated graphics and parallax - as designers will be working towards fast load speeds to please the mobile audience.


Thumb Friendly

More than just being mobile-friendly, a good website in 2020 needs to be thumb-friendly too.
But what exactly is a “thumb-friendly” website? It’s the way we use our phones.

If you’re reading this on your mobile then you’ve probably got your fingers wrapped behind the phone and are leaving your thumb do all the work!

Making a website thumb-friendly means that we need to put the navigation bar, menu, and even the contact buttons in the space where your thumb can reach which is usually the center of the screen. This will make your site easier to use for people on their mobile devices.

Typography Tips

Over sized lettering is gaining a lot more popularity every year.

But what are the benefits of using huge, bold typography?

It allows you to draw the audience's attention towards your brand name or the unique selling point (USP) of your business. It does this by putting your USP or your brand in big type on your main page. Visitors will always remember what was written in bold over the fine print and are more likely to return to your site for this reason.

Here are a few more tips when it comes to choosing simple, direct and sophisticated typography for the new year:

  • Fonts: Choose fonts that works with all screen sizes which will help maintain readability and usability throughout your site.
  • Avoid Cursive Script: Cursive script is difficult to read and it’s a lot easier on the eyes of your users if your font is legible.
  • Avoid Using All Caps: Using all caps slows down a user’s ability to scan through your website and also your website’s overall readability.
  • Use Title Case And Sentence Case Correctly: Using title case mean capitalising the first letter of every word in the sentence (usually used for titles) where as with sentence case you only capitalise the letter of the first word. This makes it easier for readers to distinguish between sections on your website.

Asymmetric Layouts

Websites are generally based on a grid system. This sort of layout helps the key elements (give three examples in parenthesis here) of the page stay in order. However, some website owners may want something a bit more stylish on their website.

Asymmetric layouts break down the traditional grid placement and places the site’s design elements in a more chaotic fashion around the page. This technique built on chaos and random placement will make websites look more creative and will certainly be one of the top trends for 2020.

Videos, Animations And Dynamic Illustrations

People are extremely impatient. They want immediate gratification. Website users want information fast and they want it in the easiest way possible. Using video on your site is an important stepping stone in the evolution of web design and keeping your visitors happy.

Video has always been popular within the web design world and using a video instead of a static background really gives life to a platform and makes entrances visitors to stay longer even if it is just to watch the full length of the video.

There are a few key elements to keep in mind though when adding video to your website:

  • Duration: Keep your video no longer than 5 minutes. You can explain the basics of your company and attract the user’s attention. Any longer and they may click away before the video ends or not play it at all due to the length.
  • Relevance: Your video should be related to the page it is located on. There is no need to post a video in your company’s latest team building event on your products page.
  • Simplicity: Make it simple so that it sticks to the main message and doesn’t float away from the main idea. This will only bore your audience and confuse them

You can also use gif animations instead of video which have a faster loading time and don’t require the user’s attention for very long. They work in any browser and on smartphones and are able to present a complex idea in only five or six seconds.

Video doesn’t always have the best reputation as it caused slow load time for websites which lead to a lot of potential customers click away. What is bound to take the place of video is motion graphics and animation.

Animation could begin to surface more in the web design industry by being used as;

  • Transitions between pages and parallax scrolling
  • Mouseover effects
  • Mobile animation

Motion graphics and animation tend to make the page load a lot faster than a video would, which makes it a lot more popular to choose when designing a website.


Minimalism - Having Less Is More!

This is a design technique that removes any clutter that distracts the viewer which allows them to keep focused on what tasks you want them to engage with or what steps you wish for them to take in the direction of conversions.

Here are some design tips based around the minimalist way of looking at things:

  • Use Fewer Elements: Using fewer interface design elements makes it easier for users to digest information in a shorter amount of time.
  • Use Fewer Fonts: Your website needs to feature clean and readable text so it’s important to only have one or two fonts on your page with an easy-to-read colour scheme to match.
  • Simplify The Colour Palette: Along with neutral colours like black or white, pick one or two other colours to drive your design.
  • Make Navigation Easy: Contribute to a positive experience for your users and increase your conversions by having a well-designed website that provides the essential content your customer is looking for within three clicks.


3D Design

Another upcoming trend for 2020 is the use of 3D elements in website design. We have already seen 3D graphics in both the gaming and the movie industry and the web design world isn’t too far behind them. The use of 3D graphic design will enhance the interest in your brand and make your website more appealing to your audience.

Voice User Interface

Voice user interface (VUI) will allow users to interact with your website through voice commands. This trend isn't exactly in relation to design, but it will add both usability and functionality to your website and ensure that all the elements of your platform are accessible for people with disabilities or issues accessing the web.

The interesting changes we will start to see with VUI in sites could include:

  • Customer Journey Maps: This will help designers to understand what the needs of the customer are, their experiences and where adding in VUI could help improve their interaction with the website.
  • Simple Design: This will help keep the primary information easy to understand and will act like a conversation to the user.
  • Voice ID Logins: AI can recognise both voice and faces so there is no doubt that sites may start taking a step in this direction to ensure secure log-ins to accounts.


Is your website ready for 2020? If not don’t worry, we are here to help get you what you need to be prepared for the New Year.

At Ireland Website Design, we can provide you with everything you need. If you’re concerned about not meeting the design standards of 2020 leave it to us, we can get your website up to modern standards for the year ahead! Get in touch today and let’s see how your website can be improved.

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