How you can Utilise Influencers in 2017

2016 saw the rise of the influencer in marketing, mainly in the form of people acting as brand ambassadors online. With the trend for influencer marketing only set to rise in 2017, you too can benefit from them by constructing people promoters for your business.

What are Influencers?
Influencers are arguably a by-product of the social media boom. They are individuals who post content to their social media channels in relation to products and services (and their associated brands). Some popular examples would be of reviews or even an unboxing of a product and the first impression(s) of it. Amassing millions of followers each in some cases, brands and businesses utilise these influencers by sending them products to review for example. In this way, brands reach an audience of millions via the influencer online.

How can this help my business?
Depending on your business type, you may be able to contact an influencer and get them to review a service or product that you offer. They will probably charge a fee for this. However if your business is not suitable to benefit from an influencer in this way (for example a digital agency such as ourselves cannot send an influencer a product to review); you instead need to create people promoters to work in a similar manner. These people promoters are your clients and customers. If you simply do good by them and deliver the products/services as promised (in fact go above and beyond whenever possible), your satisfied customers should have no reason not to promote your business to others.

Examples of People Promoters
A testimonial or a review by a satisfied customer is an entry point of a promoter. This text that they give you can be used across your website and promotional material (with their permission of course) to show others the positive attributes of your business. To get people promoters to actively refer to and promote your business, you may find that offering them an incentive is a good way to encourage this. For example you could offer them a €10 voucher for every person they refer to your business who you go on to make a sale with.

2017 is set to see influencers and therefore people promoters rise even further in terms of importance when promoting businesses and brands both online and in the physical world. If you need any assistance with your online marketing to earn physical money, contact the expert team today at Ireland Website Design.

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