Why your Whole Team Should Understand Analytics in 2017

With many trends and estimations being put forth for 2017, the word ‘analytics’ seems to have its hat thrown in the ring many times. Indeed it has always been known that analytics are of paramount importance, but it is getting your whole team to understand this that is the buzz for 2017.

As you know, analytics can tell you (you being the person who reads them), how your business is performing in terms of website and sales etc. These figures can delve very deep into the inner workings of your business and drill down to what is working well and what is not working so well across your digital spectrum of activity (website, online shop, social media, newsletters etc.). In 2017, many industry experts theorise that this will be the year that entire teams and staff forces will learn to understand this and use it within their own departments and projects. In this way, the analytical data is utilised as best possible across an entire company.

But to get to this stage, an understandable learning curve is needed. Those who are new to interacting with and reading data will have to add this to their workloads. Or will they? Google Analytics for example allows you to build custom reports to show exactly what you want it to show. Why not customise these per department or section of your business to deliver the specific information to those who need it? This can be e-mailed as an attachment for easy and instant access: “Hi Charles, Please find attached Analytics report from last week showing how many conversions were obtained from your blog post. Kind Regards, Lee.” This weekly information can show Charles that his blog on week 12 resulted in six conversions but his blog on week 15 resulted in nineteen conversions. Armed with this information, Charles can know (in broad terms) to follow the format of his week 15 blog for better results going forward.

This is but one example of how the correct analytics given to the correct people can bolster the success of a department/section/project of your business. When this becomes routine, analytics can be used as a measure of success for all involved. Therefore instead of valuable data sitting on spreadsheets and reports gathering dust, it finds a new lease of life when sent to those who can benefit from it. Now (at the time of writing - January) is a great time to initiate this within your business so that it can start to mature and become commonplace throughout the year.

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